I held you too tight
Too long
Dreaming of you
I lost myself

Come inside.
Where sinews graze the light,
Branches entangle
Between branded limbs.
Passionate impulse
Quickens the pulse.

Summer’s ream
of sundry dreams

Rio Shayne

Multi-movement contemporary artist

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Although in the past, she nearly abandoned her passion for art, Rio Shayne attributes her revival of visual creativity to a combination of occasional psychedelic use, subsequent soul-healing, and renewed faith in herself as both an artist and a human being.

“Love is the meaning of life, and my goal is to express that through my art.” – Rio Shayne

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Comprehension heals
Through wordless tenderness, blooms
Delicate embrace

Stay distant,
Denizens of Mars;
Men of the cloth
Might cache the scars.

In my life apart from living
I climbed branch to beam
Balancing between
Valances, vaulting
Off valiant verity

The money shot comes
At a price beyond the cost.

Sail your skies like seas
Probing touch, releasing gloom
Challenge I accept

Burnished bouquet blends
Heart-song held in my bosom
Ballad to adore

Please refrain from
Licking flames
Burnt asunder
From yonder boneyard
Down under
(Darling’s taking names)

Neon metal arm rests,
Red umbrella rejection
Stay tuned for the sequel.

Your pretty white lies
Taste like pristine salvation,
Drunk from the dipper
Of divine damnation.

Particles of atom breaths
Anoint humid repercussions,
Chill-spoken through
The shroud of

I collect an apronful
Of bedtime stories
To balance on stilted
Of instrumental silence

The meddling eye lifted
Their coffin lids with ease,
Like two middle fingers
Hiked above the speed limit

Take your lecher-leers,
Plus all my jeers,
And make a paycheck
At the very least.
Bleat-bleat, little sheep.

Nothing untoward occurs
Just warm camaraderie

Just like all the others:
Furniture uncovered.

I would find peace in drenched polyester;
Morbid mind:
Solemn, sequestered.

Youth’s end approaches
Smile greeting middle age
I made it this far

Your bayonets
Speared him through
Slit his dreams
From sternum to pubis
Wide open
To rot

We the people packaged and sold, fight over education none see the indoctrination. Swallow the almighty dollar hollow out humanities haven. Bleed over black and white none see the kings craving. Argue for left or right none see the criminal leaders profiting from the creation of a divided nation. Streets of race wars influenced cries […]