November 10, 2014

Leave a Light on For Me

Great #horror short with an old-fashioned feel.

Shadows at the Door

By Mark Nixon @Mr__Scratch

Among the rolling hills of Northumberland rests the small coastal town of Anworth. A quaint but none the less unremarkable village, it avoids the larger crowds of tourists by offering little distraction beyond its aging medieval castle. Yet, there is just enough trade to keep the coffee shops open. Sitting atop grassy hills boasting a beautiful array of daffodils, the ancient ruins stands tall above the sloping streets of the town. A slight river surrounds the town, which must have once acted as a moat. Although the occasional passing car reminds locals of life beyond their hushed corner of England, Anworth holds a rare quietness that allows those within to shut away from modern stresses. For many, it is a place to retire, while for others it is somewhere simply to forget.

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