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Seven Lovely Things Blog Tour

J.M.D. Reid, aka Reed James of Naughty Ladies Publications was kind enough to ask me to participate in this blog tour. J’s a spectacular colleague and a good friend. I really can’t say enough nice things about this guy without sounding like a phony, but trust me – he’s one of the best. Keep your eyes open for a future review of his debut fantasy short story The Assassin’s Remorse. His world-building is creative and fun – have a peek at his Seven Lovely Things.


Without further ado, here the Seven Lovely Things you may or may not wish to know about me:

1. I have an extreme fear of inflated balloons. Anything non-mylar in nature needs to disappear from my sight or my palms bleed sweat. This fear is not rational, but given my extreme sensitivity to loud noises, I have an innate fear of balloons. To give you a better idea of how severe my phobia is, watch the 16-second animation below made by my youngest brother Tristan. It serves as a record of the actual events that transpired when he and my third-youngest bro Connor came to visit me this summer.

As I was driving back to the airport, a lone balloon suddenly floated toward my car. Cue the screams.

2. I secretly pretend I’m famous just to have the courage to post my writing in public.  It’s way too scary doing it as myself, so I make-believe I’m some fabulous celebrity superstar who doesn’t have the time to care about the scorn of peons and I cast my words into cyberspace. LOL. It goes without saying that celebrities who think of regular folks as peons are not worthy of my reverence. But it’s like therapy, imagining I’m someone else. That’s what I’ve always done in times of duress. It’s much more fun making believe I’m beautiful and successful than miserable and in pain; much easier imagining these thoughts came from another person’s head.

3. Contrary to the tone of the books I’ve published so far, I do not usually read erotica. There’s something so delicious about stories with sex, but I get bored if I’m keep reading certain key words over and over again. Like, how many times can you use the word c**k until it loses its appeal? LOL.With the notable exceptions of Poison (free on Smashwords until 12/31) & Poison II, my works don’t belong in the strictly-sexy-stories crowd. Queer vampire series MASTER focuses more on plot-building and character interactions than exploring lots of different ways to get it on. So far, the “sex” is mostly foreplay. I like taking my time intensifying the characters’ relationships before I get to the hard stuff. It makes the payoff, whether narrative or erotic, more satisfying.

As one of my fave M/M authors Kirby Crow said in a recent interview I conducted, “No matter how artfully a sex scene is written, if there’s been no buildup of tension between the characters and there’s nothing at stake for them, that sex is going to bore me.” As much as I’m in agreement with this statement, I’m the first one to admit there’s definite purpose in erotica meant for self-gratification. Hey, I’m a no-shame kind of thinker.

4. I do weird voices. All the time. Really super-crazy ones. I sound like a crackhead. Good thing my kids usually go for it. Admittedly, there are times I get the, “Mom, stop doing that voice!” from my 3-year-old, or a piercing scream of protest from my 1-year-old daughter – especially if I launch into one that’s particularly irritating. My long-suffering husband takes me with only the tiniest grain of salt. What can I say? I’m a weirdo.

5. If asked to describe myself, or articulate my brand of entertainment, I would say that I’m jack-of-all-trades, master of none – though I aspire to be master of all! *evil laughter* It’s hard to figure out who I’m telling stories to, since I’m hopping between different genres and disciplines (writing, singing, acting). I remain wary of my limited ability to label my stories and myself, so I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and just be natural. Since I’ve moved away from auto-RT’s on Twitter (a possibly poor decision, depending upon who you ask), I’ve can see who my fans are more clearly now. And seeing you makes my day so much brighter. I wish I could properly express my gratitude without sounding like a romance novel, but alas…a penchant for purple prose precedes my sensibilities.

6. I never thought I would be a writer. An actress, a singer – even a dancer at one point in my early childhood – but never a writer. Though the foundation was there the whole time. Since I can remember, I’ve been making up stories, from the bizarre tales of my mother dancing naked on the roof, to my fictional stint as a child stripper for wealthy businessmen, to the mirror images of my brothers and myself who lived in our backyard woods, I’ve been alternately feeling blessed and suffering from an overactive – and often perverse – imagination. A wonderful way for me to relieve the burden of these grisly, sexy, haunting images is to purge them onto the page. When my readers bleed with me, I know I’ve done my job.

7. Seven is actually my favorite number. And I’ve been seeing a lot of it lately. That probably means absolutely nothing, but my superstition-prone mind questions it. That’s my thing – always questioning everything. I took my 2nd-grade teacher literally when she told the class, “There are no stupid questions.” I would beg to differ, but I’d rather ask my stupid questions and feel like a fool for a moment than assume I’m right and find out I’m wrong. My state of mind is like a question mark all the time – constantly doubting. Curiosity killed the cat, but I can’t change my nature; nor would I try. Life’s mysteries make it all the more worth living.

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Autumn Breeze

Autumn is a new favorite colleague of mine – she’s helpful, supportive, and knowledgeable, especially when it comes to the ins-and-outs of Wattpad & reader interactions. Bonus: she’s got a flair for LGBT – always a plus for me.

Read Autumn’s 7 Lovely Things


LOVING ANNA is the #1 most-read lesbian romance on Wattpad. Buy the Kindle version to show your support of this talented young author.

Jess Alter

I can’t say enough good things about Jess Alter. She’s a great new Twitter friend, a supportive writer colleague, and, judging from the excerpts I read today, a damn talented writer. Beneath a Sunless Sky is an acclaimed scifi/dystopian novel, and the first book in the Dome Trilogy. Bonus – it’s on sale for $1.99 on Lulu.

Read Jess Alter’s 7 Lovely Things


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*My first Artist Spotlight interview debuts on Monday, November 24th. Guest: Mo Tuncay, self-taught abstract painter. I discovered his work on Twitter a few months back, and the rest is history. He’s got a fan for life in me. Browse his Artfinder gallery for some truly stunning evocations of beauty, color, and movement.

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  1. Hi, Jane! This was worth waiting for! You’re afraid of balloons, that is so adorable! I loved that vid your brother made!

    You never saw yourself as a writer. I was the opposite. I always wanted to a writer as a kid and yet when I was in High School deciding what I should do with my life, despite my passion to be a writer, it didn’t even cross my mind that I should pursue it. I only dabbled for the longest time. It was only when I hit thirty that I thought hey, I should take this seriously.

    Good luck with your new blog


    • Haha! It’s a very embarrassing fact I don’t usually share with people. I’m glad you think my fear of balloons is cute and not freakish (but trust me – if you saw my real-life reaction, you’d think I was a freak).

      It must feel so freeing not to have to merely dabble anymore! I’m so happy for you.

      Thanks for the good luck wishes! Let’s see if I can handle it. 😉


  2. I love your seven things! Intrepid adventure-spouse says latex balloon fear is reasonable, especially if one is allergic to latex. If not, then we’ll chalk it up to anxiety of something inanimate acting conscious.

    I do voices, too, and it was one of my seven, also! I also understand putting on the already-famous game face to traverse social media. These are great shares, and the book shout-outs right at the beginning are super-groovy.


    • Haha, awesome! I’m so happy to hear that. A fellow kook. Can’t ever have too many of those. We crazies need to stick together. Safety in numbers. 😉

      I hopped over and read your post – great job. My favorite one of yours was, “I am a leftie who has trouble telling left from right.” LOL that’s pretty cute. My former best friend used to have a hard time telling her left from her right, but she was a rightie. 😉

      Thanks for playing! Looking forward to reading Beneath a Sunless Sky during the holiday break.


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