November 24, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Mo Tuncay

Guest: Mo Tuncay

“What you cannot tell with words, you can tell with your mind.” Mo Tuncay

Abstract shapes and vivid colors bring the canvas to life every time visionary abstract painter Mo Tuncay wields his brush to breathe life into the intangible.


Untitled by Mo Tuncay

JB: Welcome, Mo. You have the distinction of being the first guest on my Artist Spotlight. I’m beyond thrilled that you decided to chat with me. Obviously, I’m a huge fan, and I love your motto – it’s a fitting evocation of the art you create.

MT: Thank you so much for having me! I’m so happy to be here.

JB: The feeling is mutual. 🙂 Every day I look forward to seeing your paintings posted on Twitter. Naturally, I’m curious as to your background in art. Which artist had the greatest influence on your journey to becoming an abstract painter?


Untitled 2 by Mo Tuncay

MT: I saw a abstract painter on the street during Art Days in Amsterdam. I saw him enjoying himself – painting like he was crazy. I asked him, “Why abstract?” He told me, “It’s freedom!”

JB: What kind of freedom have you found in abstract painting that you haven’t found in other forms of art?

MT: I prefer the freedom of abstracts. This freedom allows for great creativity, as I start with a blank canvas with no end result in mind. In this way, I experiment with colors until I feel my unique creations are complete. Last week – for the first  time – I painted on wood, and sold out the same day. 😉 It was a really nice feeling. Next week, I will begin my next project – I will go shopping and buy new colors and canvasses.  I will go further with abstract paintings.


Untitled 3 by Mo Tuncay

JB: Have you ever attempted to paint on ceramic?

MT: Do you know I have a full time job?  Of course I want do more experiments also on ceramic.  I wish I had more time.  🙂 It’s also my dream in the future start my own art studio, then I can do what I want. At the moment, I have a small room in which to create my artworks, and I can not use all of my energy in this room. 😦

JB: Judging from your work, your have a lot of energy to unleash! Have you had any formal training for your craft?

MT: I have not. As a child, I loved pencil drawings, but over the last years, I started to use colors. I’m very glad I did – colors give me extra power, and more energy in my body and mind!

JB: Your aura must be on fire all the time. 😉 How many hours do you spend on one painting?

MT: Usually between 16 – 20 hours for large paintings.

B0tI0aoIQAEW74t.jpg large

Untitled 4 by Mo Tuncay

Since October 10th, I’ve relocatedfrom Etsy to Artfinder, and bingo! I sold 4 paintings in a week 😉 In the two years prior, I’d sold about 30 paintings total. I create two pieces a week (when I am traveling, of course none). If I have time, I paint during at night and on weekends.

JB: I often catch your selfies on Twitter – it seems like you travel quite often. If you had to live in another country, which one would you choose to inhabit?

MT: Hehe, good question. I went to Italy for the first time in September, and I loved this country. I would like to go to Tuscany and make paintings all day!

JB: Italy is on my bucket list; I imagine it was an inspiring setting. 🙂

Now I want to talk about the YouTube video you share with me – “Art by Mo Tuncay 2014.” Did you have a concept in mind when you began working on the piece in the clip below?

MT: No, I didn’t have any plan in mind – just started, and played. Many paintings of mine start without any plan – in the middle of the canvas. From there, I see what happens.

JB: The art emerging from your two brushes – cool technique, by the way – seems to follow the upbeat tone of the music. What were you thinking about while you were painting?

MT: I was planning to go out dancing that evening – that’s also why the music was playing 🙂 I was happy and thinking nice thoughts about the evening to come.

JB: I love to dance, too. What kind of music do you prefer when you go out for a night on the town?

MT: I love trance, but I like to dance smooth. I love the sensation of the nice music.

JB: How often do you listen to music while you’re working on a painting?

MT: I listen to music every time I paint.

JB: Nice! What’s your favorite piece you’ve created to-date? What music were you listening to when you painted it?

MT: This one is my favorite.


Spring 2014 © Mo Tuncay

have a lot of favorites, but this one is special – I painted this one outside in the spring this year without shoes. 🙂 I had no music this time but the beautifully-singing birds. It was really nice day for me…

JB: Painting outside without shoes sounds like a memory to cherish.  I personally love being barefoot. 😉

Surprise me, Mo: share an unusual fact about yourself.

MT: That’s difficult…I have no idea at this time what’s an interesting fact about myself…maybe I’m  too curious about all the interesting things in the world and I want to do so much! I have to hurry.

JB: Carpe diem. 😉 Who were you in a past life?

MT: In the past I was a gladiator! I love history!  I’m fascinated by the lives of gladiators.

JB: That’s a pretty hardcore past life. XD

So in this life, what is the one thing you want people to remember about you most?

MT: People should remember me as a helpful macho-sweetie man. :))

JB: I will definitely remember you as such.

Thank you so much for your time & patience, Mo. You’re an extraordinarily gifted and kind person. I’m looking forward to seeing work hanging in a gallery near me someday soon.

Mo: Big hugs!

JB: Aw! ❤ Back at you.



Nice Powerful Colors © Mo Tuncay

About the Artistpaschamoface

Mo Tuncay

Born in the small town of Denizli (Turkey) in 1972, I moved to Holland in 1994.  I travel extensively for work, and Art is my therapy. A typical creation session for me includes music from the likes of Enya, Enigma, or Armin van Buren. I am a self-taught artist who previously worked in pencil; however, I now work exclusively with acrylics. While I will paint a landscape on occasion, I prefer the freedom of abstracts. This freedom allows for great creativity, as I start with a blank canvas with no end result in mind. In this way, I am free to experiment with colors until I feel my unique creations are complete.

My motto: “What you cannot tell with words, you can tell with your mind.”

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