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Five Little Deaths by Clare de Lune

Genres: Erotic Horror/Short Stories

Format: Kindle (.mobi)

Number of Prizes Available: 3


These five bizarre and stimulating tales of sex and horror are graphic, bloody, disturbing and downright salacious. Prepare yourself to be drawn into the strange world of vengeful vampire ghosts, a blood-thirsty succubus, a doctor-stalking pain freak, a drug-addicted dreamer, and a female serial killer with a voracious appetite for pleasure and pain.

Warning: This following excerpt contains adult content intended for mature readers only. Please use discretion.


For the first time, Sophia let herself go, let herself become consumed. From the edge of night on, everything ran together in sex-sweat and red hot, fleshy desires. It wasn’t just the sex that felt amazing. Being in his arms, feeling his warmth up against her was fulfilling in ways she had never known before. She wondered if he understood and accepted her. Really, she thought that was all she was looking for.

With acceptance and understanding, she wouldn’t feel the need to suck someone dry, to prey upon their soul, to build them up and break them until they came crashing down. They lay together and Sophia became wrapped up in her sleeping fantasies, Paul’s hot embrace interweaving with her dreams. Except in this world, where her eyes were shut tight against the real world and the blinding daylight, she reminisced. She could feel the fading warmth of a newly killed body up against her skin, its body stiff and positioned like one of those wooden artist’s figures. The dead could be made to do anything: snuggle, serve as passive sex partners, serve as non-judgmental friends, or just hang out and fill a void.

Sophia snapped out of it when she felt Paul move. She sat up and rubbed her eyes.

“Where are you going?”


She watched his tense movements as he got dressed. Fuck, she thought to herself, he knows he’s made a mistake and is disappearing on me! He barely made eye contact with her as he hurriedly dressed. It was all she could do to keep from pouncing on him, driving her long fingernails into his throat, and dominating him. She grit her teeth instead.

“Going to see someone else?” The question was brimming with sarcasm.

“If you must know, yes.” This time he did make eye contact, but it was cold and void. She knew that look, she was familiar with his mood now. She had been his appetizer and he couldn’t hold out for the main course any longer. She supposed she should feel special for not being killed, but it left her feeling strange and empty for some reason. She sat up and hugged her knees for comfort.


“Her name is Beth. She’s having a lot of problems lately.”

“Uh huh. I’m sure you’ll be her knight in shining psychotherapy.”

The jealousy was raging. Especially because she knew that the girl was so unlike herself. Even though she was sure Paul was doing it for the sole purpose of getting a reaction out of her, it worked. The mere fact that it had such an impact on her set her teeth on edge. Even though she didn’t really want to, even though she knew it’d make it all much, much worse, she parted her lips to speak.

“I want to watch.”

“Do you?”

There was that half-smirk again, the one that was beginning to make her second guess everything that was going on with this man. She nodded slowly, hoping she came across as confident. He didn’t say anything else. He cocked his head in a ‘follow me’ gesture, and she quickly got dressed.

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Author Bio:


Clare grew up in the middle of nowhere with a police officer father and an artist/bar-owner mother, which fueled her imagination with stories and left lots of time for horror movies and books. Clare is currently a librarian and writer, and when she’s not traveling to strange lands, lives with her beloved boyfriend and cat in New Orleans.






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