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I was just informed Eric Keys removed his works from the internet. Needless to say, I have no prizes to offer for this particular excerpt. Still, if you feel like torturing yourself with denial, take a peek.

Warning: This excerpt contains adult content not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

Grace and Blood

Grace and Blood by Eric Keys

Genres: Erotic Horror/Short Story

Format: eBook (Kindle-compatible, multiple format options available)

Number of Prizes Available: 3


Gracie is not what she seems. And when she comes into contact with demonic forces playing games with mankind she becomes even more dangerous. Her lust for blood and sex could be the end of you


I know this creek. Even at its deepest, it’s only a foot or so deep. And in most places you could walk through it like it was a puddle. But somehow I found myself falling deeper and deeper into it like it was a vast ocean. The sun disappeared above me. I reached up and tried to swim, but I just kept sinking deeper and deeper. The light faded completely and I was enveloped in dark, cold water.

Suddenly there was a dark, greenish glow. I saw a figure — a girl about my age or maybe a couple years younger than me. She moved toward me, her arms still but held upright, like a strange doll being pushed by unseen hands. Her face was pale, and I felt like I could see things squirming under her skin — creatures, bugs, worms, who knows — threatening to burst through the thin membrane that held them in place. Her outstretched doll-like hands grabbed me and pulled my mouth toward hers. She pushed her tongue through my lips and even forced my clenched teeth to open. As her cold, fleshy tongue tangled with mine, she gave me the air I needed and my body reacted with impassioned gratitude. She pulled back and put her face to my ear.

“Let me in,” she whispered. How I could hear her through the water, I have no idea. “I can help you.” Images flooded my mind. Images of Kevin and me caressing each other, holding each other’s naked bodies.

Death or satisfied lust. What could I do? I nodded in assent. And in a flash I was pulling my soaked body up out of the creek. The cold was unbearable. “I don’t want to get hypothermia,” I said aloud. I didn’t think anyone was around. I just sort of said it to remind myself.

I heard the voice of the girl from the creek inside my head. “I’ll protect you.”

“What should I call you?” I asked aloud.

“No need to talk out loud. Just concentrate ever so slightly on what you want to say to me and I’ll hear. Call me Katie, like that old doll you threw away when you were told you were too old for dolls.”

I figured it was the cold getting to me, so I hightailed it home. Lanna didn’t see me sneak in. I ran up to my room, shucked my wet clothes, and climbed into bed. I sensed Katie’s presence, but I was sure she would disappear after I warmed up.

After I stopped shivering, Katie spoke again. “Read the book,” she said.

The book. The book that Kevin was going to show me but then thought better of it. The book that had impossibly wound up in my hand. The book that, somehow, was now perched on the edge of my bed. Its pages were inexplicably dry. The author’s name was unfamiliar, and the title was the gloriously unedifying “Collected Stories.” I opened to the first one and was quickly drawn in to the stories of men and women surrounded by dark and dreadful things, hideous things, lustful things. Their lust inspired my lusts. The terrors the characters went through acted on my body in perverted ways. Tales of death and carnage mixed with cries of ecstasy and sighs of pleasure. I had never dreamed of such things. I must have been up the whole night touching myself, teasing myself as I read these darkly disturbing erotic pieces. The plots were soon lost in a deluge of nightmarish images and terrors too dark to name. It went quickly from coherent narrative into dark and surreal swamp of pure disgust and horror that left my body limp and flush with orgasmic delight.

I drifted into sleep and the visions came with me. Demonic forces visited me in the night. Tied, tortured, imprisoned — forced to do hideous things to myself and others. I moved from victim to aggressor and back again, coupling with all manner of nightmarish beasts and men until I became merely a pattern of lust and satiation beyond any rhyme or reason.

Treasure Hunt Challenge Question:

Where did Katie get her name?

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Eric Keys lives in the woods off a gravel road in the Southern United States. He has a passion for dark, erotic fiction.

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