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Claiming trio by Bella Swann
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This is a very explicit erotic story of the claiming of Wondrous Woman, a superhuman alien who escapes an invasion of her home planet Chrysalis desperate to find a safe new world to live. She crashes on Earth and encounters a series of dangerously erotic situations. She first encounters the prehistoric snake-like monster known as the Manipogo. After barely escaping the Manipogo, Wondrous Woman then encounters two CSIS agents who take complete possession of her as they arrest her and take her back to a secret CSIS lab. There she encounters the dangerous Dr. Kanata and his brainwashed lab assistant Julia who work together to interrogate Wondrous Woman and break her through a combination of pleasure and pain to Dr. Kanata’s will. This is a work of fiction meant for those over the age of consent and contains elements of dubious consent, dominant male, submissive female, and paranormal encounters.
This is a very erotic story of the Claiming of Sophia, the Sheltered but Arrogant Angel of Wisdom who falls into sinful and lustful darkness as a result of her journeys through the Realm of the Mishra. Sophia encounters several masterful creatures who take control of her sweet and innocent angel body and force her to submit to waves of unending sexual pleasure. This is a work of fiction and contains explicit material meant for those over the age of 18.
This is a very erotic story of the Claiming of Angelica, a supernatural sleuth who investigates dangerous paranormal events. She enters into a haunted house on Infernal Hill and encounters two very masterful and horny creatures who take control of her unwilling body and force her to submit to waves of sexual pleasure intertwined with pain. This is a work of fiction and contains material meant for those over the age of 18, including explicit sex, sleep sex, supernatural sex, BDSM, and dubious consent.

Excerpt #1

The Claiming of Wondrous Woman in the Land of Ice and Snow

She froze in hopes that she was just imagining this monster swimming through her legs, forcing them even farther apart so that she was forced to straddle the long, rough body beneath her. She unconsciously whimpered in fear at what this unknown creature would do to her as its snake-like body seemed never-ending as the creature slowly paused with the weight of her legs resting down on either side of it.

She reached down with her shaking hands to feel the muscular contractions of the creature’s body as it undulated back and forth between her legs…Her face blushed in shame… As her sexual scent began to percolate through the water, the creature slowly turned its massive body around in the water. While the lower part of the creature’s body slowly circled Wondrous Woman from behind, the front part of the creature with its massive, triangular shaped head, beady black eyes, and long flickering tongue, turned around for a better look at its prey that was giving off such a tantalizing and unexpected scent.

Unknown to poor Wondrous Woman, she had crashed into the underwater lair of the prehistoric monster known as Manipogo. The locals swore they could still see glimpses of him in the shadowy waters when they fished Lake Manitoba late at night. Despite many modern Terrans who foolishly believed him to be extinct, Manipogo had been the death of many a fisherman or unwary swimmer who had ventured too deep beneath the surface of Lake Manitoba. But now, he had a far more satisfying prey upon which to satisfy his deep, primal urges.

Manipogo’s eyes darkened as he looked down in pleasure at the beautiful prey who had so foolishly wandered into his domain. With a snort of interest, he moved his head closer to the temptingly scented creature and tightened his body possessively around Wondrous Woman’s slender waist as he drew her closer to him.

Excerpt #2

The Claiming of Sophia, the Sheltered Angel of Wisdom

The creature known as Leviathan swam slowly out of his lair deep beneath the bubbling waters of the blue-green pool as he searched for the source of the sweet angel juices that had swirled so tantalizingly around in the waters near the opening of his cave. His massive reddish-purple tentacles powerfully pulled him through the water to the surface of the pond. His bulbous head with his mesmerizing red eyes looked eagerly around for the sweet angel who had left her slime in his territory and was clearly begging to become his next concubine and spend her days and nights in endless sexual pleasure until he had completely drained her wanton pussy and she was of no more use to him. Then, he chuckled, he would eat upon her in a very different but equally satisfying way.

As Leviathan approached the shore of the bubbling pool, he scented the sweet pussy he had been searching for. He slowly extended his massive tentacles towards the beautiful angel sleeping sweetly on the large rock on the edges of the warm, lapping water. One of his massive tentacles slowly coiled around her left ankle and then began to softly suck its way up her warm, silky leg, coating her with a hot, thick, red slime. Another massive tentacle coiled around her right ankle and caressed and sucked its way up her right leg, coating that leg with a hot, thick, red slime as well.

Excerpt #3

The Claiming of Angelica, the Supernatural Sleuth: Her Erotic Adventures in the Haunted House on the Hill

Angelica wanted to shout no, to order him to stop and take his spectral flesh off her body, but she could not say a word. Only her beautiful violet eyes flashed her defiance ineffectively to her own reflection in the mirror. She tried to shake her head in confusion as she thought she saw the image of a huge, black-haired man appear and disappear in the mirror but all she could do was blink helplessly.

She saw the strange man’s deep reddish brown eyes meet her violet eyes in the mirror as he flickered in and out of existence.

He leaned closer to her and whispered, “Look into my eyes and I will lay all the pleasures of this world before you.” He brushed her long, red hair caressingly over her shoulders and panted his warm, moist breath over her soft cheeks as he rubbed her face with puffs of warm light that carried his heavy, musky scent closer to her little nose.

As Angelica inhaled his powerful, masculine, musky scent, she sighed submissively and as the flashlight dropped from beneath her arm to shatter and leave the room lit only by moonlight, she met the reddish brown eyes of the spectral stranger in the mirror. With a sigh of unwilling surrender, Angelica gave up her power to the stranger.

The ghost laughed. “Now, you belong to me.” He reached further under her dress and grasped around her waist with his strong hands that flickered as they moved back and forth from firm flesh to warm light. He slowly began to pull down her purple lace panty as Angelica could only helplessly watch him in the mirror slowly take off her clothes.

Treasure Hunt Challenge Questions:

Excerpt #1 – What is the name of the prehistoric monster the Wondrous Woman encounters?

Excerpt #2 – How does the Leviathan propel himself through the water?

Excerpt #3 – What color are Angelica’s eyes?

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Author Bio


I am a Canadian writer of erotica. I was born and live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I try to create imaginative and creative sex scenes that transport readers to fantastical places. I write very explicit sex stories with BDSM (light de Sade), dubious consent, sleep sex, humiliation sex, and monster sex, among other kinky things. I think great erotica is like great sex – it should leave you whimpering wet, gasping for breath, and smiling in uncontrollable pleasure from the very core of your being.

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