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Loving Anna by Autumn Breeze

Genres: F/F Romance/LGBT

Format: Kindle (.mobi)

Number of Prizes Available: 2


Amelia Kurt was different. And she knew it. That didn’t stop her from loving her best friend, Annabelle Johnson. They spent an entire summer making love, and growing into what was promising to be the only relationship either ever knew.

Then, one day, the unexpected happens. Anna disappears. No reason, no forwarding address, no number. She was simply gone.

Eleven years later, Anna returns. Her truth is heartbreaking but it’s only the beginning of their journey to recovery.


Paying the cabby, I bolted out of his car and towards the hotel. Lady luck wasn’t with me. A slender hand wrapped around my upper arm and yanked me to a stop before I could reach the doors. With warm skin touching mine, my thoughts slowed.

“Amy Kurt,” the voice was sharper now, more refined and commanding, “don’t you walk away from me,” Annabelle said.

My anger spiked. How did she have the right to demand I not walk away from her? Where did she get off making such a request, no, an order of me? Jerking my arm from her hand, I spun on my feet to face her.

“Oh, and why not Annabelle Johnson?” My voice was just as sharp, just as hard and forceful as hers. “You did it so well eleven years ago.” I turned swiftly, moving away.

“Amy, don’t walk away from me. I am trying to talk to you. My temper is worse than yours and you know it.” I continued walking.

Why should I worry or care about her temper? After eleven years of no contact she was no better than a stranger I was passing on the street, a face in the masses.

“I don’t know crap about you and you, my dear, don’t know me,” I spat over my shoulder walking towards the elevator within the building. Not looking back turned out to be a mistake. She followed me onto the box, and once the doors closed there would be no escape till they opened.

“What are you doing?” I barked at her, clenching my jaw together to stop myself from saying more.

“Going to my room,” she retorted.

I bent to press the number to my floor but it was already lit up. In silence, I waited for the elevator to stop. When it did, the doors had barely opened before I squeezed out of them. Holding a tight grip on my room key, I inserted it into the automatic lock. A buzz, and a green light alerted me that the door was able to be opened.

A hard shove from the back had me stumbling into the room. Rotating around, I glared at the woman who had given me the shove. Anna slammed the door, and stalked towards me a fury on her face I had not seen in years.

Before, I would have tried to calm her, reason with her. Now, I felt the need to taunt and bait her, fuel her anger as she had done mine simply by following.

“What do you want, Anna?” I threw the words at her. “Was walking out of my door once not good enough for you?” Her lips curled into a feral smirk, and I only grew angrier at the sight of it. She would smirk, be pleased about something in this situation after all these years?

“I am doing what you failed to do eleven year ago.” She stalked forwards, nearing me, but I did not step back. Why would I need to retreat? Lifting her arms, she shoved my shoulder and I smacked into the wall.

Before I could respond, protest, and tell her to keep her hands to herself she was upon me.

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Author Bio:


In October 1991 Autumn Breeze was born at 11P.M in Clarksville, Tennessee where she grew up in a large family consisting of two brothers, one sister, dozens of cousins, a couple of dogs, multiple cats, and just as many chickens.

In May 2008 she moved to Mississippi with her husband and had a son in November of the same year. She is also the owner of a hyper active dog with a bad habit of chewing on everything including but not limited to shoes, dishes, clothes, feet and hands.

Writing has always been a passion of hers. As far back as she can remember, she has been writing. Paper and pen or laptop and keyboard, she is at home with both.

Loving Anna is her first published work.

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