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Poison II: Spring

Poison II: Spring

Poison II: Spring by Jane Bled

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Genres: M/M Erotica/Contemporary/Short Story

Format: Kindle (.mobi), multiple (from Smashwords)

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The fierce attraction between meek engineer Kurt Craven and sadistic businessman Luc Stone reignites over a series of erotically-charged public encounters, leading to a bold proposition from Luc’s favorite Sub. When Luc hires pretty trick James to test Kurt’s ability to perform, the lines between power and punishment blur.

Can be read as a standalone.

Warning: This excerpt is intended for mature adults over the age of 18. Reader discretion is advised.


It’s evening rush hour on the West Side of Manhattan. I haven’t seen Kurt in ages, but when I’m standing next to him under the awning of the subway station, it feels like yesterday’s déjà-vu. Rain drums on the glass panes above us. The quiet, pleasant thrumming soothes me.

The rain’s monotonous pattering has the opposite effect on Kurt. He’s darting his glance from side to side—looking more self-conscious than a virgin in a porn shop. It’s been nearly four months since our last hookup on New Year’s Eve. We haven’t kept in touch. Once or twice, I’ve wondered why he hadn’t broken down yet and at least texted me, but I didn’t press the issue. After all, I’ve had more than my share of obliging stand-ins. A hot piece of ass is a hot piece of ass.

Still, I’ve been curious as to his whereabouts. He’s usually so submissive and reluctantly accommodating. I wonder if he’s picked up a trick or two from my repertory of mind-games.

“Kurt,” I say. “How are you faring these days?”

He looks at me with those mopey-brown puppy-dog eyes and I want to teach him a lesson. This little bitch has been dodging me for months now. But I don’t want him to know that I’ve missed pounding him into the floor until he begs for more.

“I’ve been good,” he says, not looking at me. I notice he’s dyed his hair a lighter shade of brown. It suits him.

I feign annoyance. “I’m thrilled for you.”

Shoulders hunched, he turns away. “Look, I’ve gotta go. I have an early-morning meeting tomorrow, so I have to wake up at five AM.”

Kurt and his weak excuses. Always so pathetic.

“It figures,” I say. Biting my bottom lip suggestively, I lean into his personal space. He jerks back a bit.

“So…” I pause for effect.

Although his body language is stiff, he’s hanging on my every word—just like I knew he would.

His eagerness makes my dick twitch.

With a soft sigh, I continue, “See you a little later, then.”

“You mean, like…no, Luc. I can’t.”

His eyes find mine—desperate, searching. I know his heart’s racing, since he’s blushing like a fucking schoolboy. It pleases me to see the ghost of his former naiveté.

I lick my lips. “You can’t?”

“I can’t—we can’t—” he stutters. Someone bumps into his shoulder on their way into the station. Kurt observes the crowded entrance with self-conscious scrutiny. Of course, no one’s paying us any attention. They’re all too focused on their own shit to bother. Kurt, however, remains his usual paranoid self.

“We can’t keep having sex,” he nearly whispers, still looking around at the people walking past.
I raise my eyebrows at him in an imitation of surprise. “I never suggested that we have sex.”

“But you said you’d—!” Kurt’s voice grows in volume. Then he remembers himself. He quickly glues his eyes to the ground, avoiding the stares of few now-curious pedestrians.

“You said you’d see me later,” he mutters, not meeting my eyes.

“Yes, that’s the generic thing to say to someone when you don’t really care if you never see him again.”

I get a sick thrill out of watching his shoulders sag as he digests my insult. Kurt Craven is the perfect name for him. Honestly, I have to restrain myself from throwing him down and punishing him in public. It’s a tempting thought, the eyes of all those strangers watching me as I pull down his pants and give him the best, most painful spanking of his life.
My hands itch to do the work they were born to do: pleasure through punishment.

“Sorry. I guess I misunderstood your intent,” Kurt mutters. His cheeks flame a dull red.

I almost laugh out loud. “Did you?”

Kurt looks lost. “I have to get home. See you later, Luc.”

It almost stings, the way he throws my words back in my face. Almost—but not quite. I’d have to have feelings for him in order for it to actually hurt.

I let him walk away. Sometimes, it’s necessary to give the chain a lot of slack in order for the pet to feel free. It’s that sense of false security that I’ll use to draw Kurt back to me.

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Author Bio:

jane bled

Greetings to those who remain to enter my domain. I’m Jane Bled, award-winning author of LGBT dark fantasy/horror and M/M literary erotica. My penchant for evocative imagery and alluring alliteration aims to entice readers with imaginative, titillating tales I hope you’ll find unforgettable. Crimson, the first book in my queer vampire series MASTER, won Best E-book in the 2009 Hollywood Book Festival Awards.

In addition to penning dark stories of fantasy, horror, and forbidden lust, I moonlight as singer-songwriter Jayne, of Jayne feat DR. Z. My voice is accompanied by the late DR. Z on his beloved keyboards. Our music, though roughly recorded, speaks for itself. I hope you’ll find it appealing in its potential. Be it my stories or songs, or perchance a combination of the two, I desire to entertain you in any way possible.

Socially speaking, I’m an avid tweeter, and I’ve been known to make appearances on Facebook, Goodreads & Pinterest. If you’re interested in scheduling an interview for my Author Spotlight Series, or promoting your books & artwork on my blog free of charge, please contact me here, or through any of my social networking sites.

Whether we become friends, colleagues, or remain strangers, I wish you peace, and encourage you to follow your dreams.

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