Treasure Hunt Giveaway Concept

Happy Holidays to all – especially to the people who brighten my day just by existing. I’ve met some amazing new authors since revitalizing my writing career in December of 2013. Not only are they talented, but I enjoy interacting with them. In order to show my deep appreciation for my colleagues, I thought it appropriate to showcase their storytelling abilities by hosting an eBook giveaway featuring their word art.

Giveaway Details

There are 13 authors total. I feature their work in individual blog posts. Each post contains a book overview, a brief excerpt, and a challenge question based on the contents of the excerpt.

In order to win a prize, you must read the featured story excerpt and correctly answer the challenge question at the end of the post. The first people to respond win the featured eBook free, but keep in mind there are a maximum of 3 prizes offered in each treasure hunt.

Bonus Prize: In addition to a free eBook, the winner will receive a free high-quality, double-sided paper bookmark by photographer Mike Bybee. Although I’m not offering any hard copies of books as prizes during this particular giveaway, I hope you’ll still enjoy these beautiful, unique bookmarks. Note: I’ll mail you the bookmark the day after Christmas.

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Within this diverse collection of eBooks, you’re bound to find to something that strikes a chord. The bottom line – I want you to experience that feeling that only comes from reading a story so engrossing, time temporarily ceases to exist.  I’d be honored to help you discover your next favorite book – and your new favorite author.

Treasure Hunt Giveaway Schedule (AM to PM, EST time – USA)

11:00 – Lilo Abernathy (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance) Claimed!

11:30 – J.M.D. Reid – (Dark Fantasy/Short Story) – 3 prizes available

12:00 – A.S. Washington – (Fantasy/Adventure/Short Story) – 3 prizes available

12:30 – S. Evan Townsend – (Historical Fantasy/Urban Fantasy/Scifi) – 2 prizes available

1:00 – J.H. Kimbrell (Scifi/Space Opera) – 3 prizes available

1:30 – Dylan J. Morgan (Scifi/Post-apocalyptic/Horror) – 3 prizes available

2:00 – Jess Alter (Scifi/Dystopian) – Series Giveaway – 3 prizes available – Claimed!

2:30 – Autumn Breeze (F/F Romance) – 2 prizes availableClaimed!

3:00 – Kirby Crow (M/M Romance/Fantasy) – Trio Giveaway 9 6 prizes left

3:30 – Jane Bled (M/M Erotica/Contemporary/Short Story) – 3 prizes available

4:00 – Clare de Lune (Erotic Horror/Short Stories) – 3  2 prizes left

4:30 – Eric Keys (Erotic Horror) – 3 prizes available – books removed by the author

5:00 – Bella Swann (Monster Erotica) – Trio Giveaway – 9 prizes available

Prize offers expire either when all the eBooks have been claimed, or on New Year’s Day at 11:59 EST, whichever comes first.

Ready? Let’s do this. Scroll through my blog posts to sample excerpts from all genres.

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