Season 2, Episode 6

Autumn Breeze

Author of LGBT Romance and Erotica

When I met Autumn Breeze on Twitter, little did I know of her Wattpad fame. With millions of reader views – particularly of her lesbian romance, Loving Anna – under her belt, this young stay-at-home mom makes it a priority to pursue her passion for creating characters who reflect the new generation of LGBT Romance.

“I’ve always been a creative woman. Now, I’m just not hiding that fact in the proverbial closet.” – Autumn Breeze

Autumn Breeze: Lasting Love

Interview conducted from January - February 2015

JB: Autumn, I have you to thank for introducing me to the joys of Wattpad. You’re a very popular author there, with thousands of likes and comments; and millions of views on your various works. To say that I’m impressed with the size of your fanbase would be a severe understatement.

Take me back to the beginning – what made you start posting free fiction on Wattpad in the first place?

AB: Back in May 2011, I was speaking to a friend online. She told me about this relatively new writing website, Wattpad. I’d been privately writing for many years but Wattpad was a chance to go more public. I was curious and joined that day.

At first, I wasn’t very sure of myself. Almost four years later, I have nearly 15,000 fans and 2.9 million reads on my book Loving Anna. I owe Wattpad a lot. They are a keystone to the amount of success I have had with publishing.

JB: Cheers to Wattpad!

So when did you first notice you were on your way up, popularity-wise? How many stories had you shared at that point?

AB: About a year into being on Wattpad, Loving Anna started racking up reads. I was getting 100-200 new fans per week. People were bombarding my message box. A friend teased me about being one of Wattpad’s ‘popular’ people. I never thought of myself that way. I still don’t. A lot of fantastic writers have more reads and followers than me. I’m still proud of all I have. My supporters are a dedicated group with a lot of feedback to give. Because of Wattpad and its users I’ve published six completed stories and receive a little over 4.3 million reads in total on the website. I plan to publish three of the completed stories over the next few years.

JB: It’s great that you’re so down-to-earth, despite your Wattpad fame. Plenty of other writers would let it go to their heads.

AB: I don’t really think I’m famous on Wattpad. There are so many other people who do so much better than me. Maybe knowing I could do better, go further, and always wanting to do both, keeps me from seeing the ‘popular’ part everyone else seems to mention. I guess it’s true we always want more.

JB: I suppose fame is a relative concept, but you’re leagues above me. 😉

Of all your works, Loving Anna is arguably the most beloved amongst your followers. It’s also the most-read, so that fact may be skewing the perspective a bit, but this particular story seems to resonate with many readers from all over the world. In your opinion, which elements of Loving Anna make it a must-read?

AB: Loving Anna, despite it’s fame on Wattpad, was awfully edited and pieced together. It was just a barely conceived rough draft but I think it spoke to so many young lesbian couples because the two woman in it were desperately in love. They were the best of friends, and overcame so many hardships together just to find a small sliver of happiness.

JB: Unfortunately, members of the LGBT community struggle with acceptance, especially when it comes to to coupledom.

AB: In this world, although times are changing, LGBT couples struggle so much. In Loving Anna, the characters don’t struggle over being gay or falling in love. They are gay: they know and accepted that, even when a few people around them do not. They are comfortable with themselves and the life they choose.

Their struggle is the struggle we all go through: trust, miscommunication, and self-doubt. Anna and Amy are lesbians, but the story isn’t about them being homosexual. Loving Anna is about two women going through hell, missing eleven years of each others lives, and eventually finding the deep, real, lasting love we all desperately seek.

To simplify it, I think so many people liked Loving Anna because it gave them a glimpse into what a real lesbian relationship could go through. They saw it was hard work, had its ups and downs, but in the end, was just like every other screwed up happily-ever-after on the planet.

JB: As the saying goes, “There’s nowt so queer as folk…”

I noticed you have a couple of different pen names on Wattpad…care to share the story behind each of them (for example, what’s the significance behind HonestDying)?

AB: The story behind HonestDying is a long one, and I’d probably get it all out-of-order trying to tell it, but I’ll try.

JB: I’m all ears.

AB: In September of 2011, I made great friends with a fellow writer on Wattpad. I can’t remember his username then, but it eventually became HonestLies. Now it’s 30secondsfromdeath. Mine was TakingTurnsDying.

JB: A lot of death there.

AB: In 2012 after co-writing a couple dozen straight and M/M stories together, we made the account HonestDying, a combination of our two usernames. Our first story posted was . . . an unedited, very rough draft of Possession (Dominated Series, #1), I believe. Soon, we put up the whole Dominated series, as well as some other works. They became rather popular and that encouraged us to put up more.

JB: What’s the most-read book you’ve co-authored?

AB: Our most popular book with over 2.8 million reads is The Billionaire’s Bid. I write the POV of Ethan Marlowe, while 30secondsfromdeath writes in the POV of Carter Wicker.

JB: I’ve never co-written before…what’s the method behind your madness?

AB: Most of the time when we are co-writing, we are both in a Google Document together. He does a chapter, and then I do one. We follow along, talking in our characters’ voices. To most people, the process probably seems insanely complicated. For us, it’s rather easy.

Together, we have co-written over one hundred stories. Some of them having well over 200K words. Most of them are centered around the people we call ‘The Family’ and a world known as Fandora, a place where myths are real, in the day there is peace and at night, friends become enemies, family becomes food, and everyone is fighting to survive.

Of course, the story of ‘The Family’ and Fandora is so much bigger and complicated than just that. It’s also a lot more perverted than I’ve let on.

JB: Fantasy lovers and dirty minds alike should dig the sound of that. 😉

Do you and 30secondsfromdeath beta each other?

AB: I look over 30secondsfromdeath’s work, try to point out the obvious mistakes. He, however, is worse with grammar than me and therefore useless when it comes to correcting my mistakes.

He is an amazing beta reader though. When I write a story, he reads it chapter by chapter giving me feedback, suggestions, and discussing the next direction I want to go. I appreciate him endlessly.

JB: Being a short story and novella writer, I simply cannot fathom the amount of time and energy that must go into a 200K book! Can you estimate how many words you each wrote per day/week in order to achieve this? How much time do stories of that length generally take to complete?

AB: How long it takes us to write varies. I’m a stay-at-home mom. Ezra (30secondsfromdeath) works at nights so during the day he is free. Neither of us sleep much. If we are focused, we can each pump out ten or eleven, three to five-page chapters a day. If the story is on the longer side, it’ll take about a week and a half to be done. We’ve wrote stories in three days before though. Those are generally 60K or fewer words.

JB: Obviously, you enjoy working together. Have you and Ezra ever discussed how long you’ll keep co-authoring stories?

AB: We haven’t. Ezra is one of my best friends. I’ve known him since 2011. That isn’t a very long time but it was enough time to know he’s a valuable part of my life.

I think it’s safe to say that he and I will be co-writing for the foreseeable future.

JB: You two seem to have a good thing going. I still can’t get over how prolific the both of you are!

So we’ve established you write both M/M and F/F…I’m curious to know – what was the main element that attracted you to writing same-sex relationship fiction?

AB: It’s hard to say what attracted me to writing same-sex relationship fiction. I never sat down and thought, ‘This is what I’m going to write.’ It just happened one day.

Loving Anna was the first ever LGBT book I wrote. I can’t remember where I got the idea, or even if it was supposed to be Lesbian Fiction when I started. It probably wasn’t.

By the end, there was no denying I’d definitely written my very first LGBT novel. Soon enough, I wrote a second novel, then a third until I had a whole folder full of them. Now, its primary what I write.

JB: It’s cool that you’re versatile in portraying gay characters of both sexes.

AB: Not many people write Lesbian Fiction. It’s an under-explored genre full of potential for wonderful stories about strong, courageous, smart, funny, woman who happen to be attracted to other woman.

Maybe that is one of the main things that attract me to the genre. There is room for exploration. Lesbian Fiction presents a challenge and stretches my imagination. I’ve always been a creative woman. Now, I’m just not hiding that fact in the proverbial closet.

JB: And hide it you should not. 🙂 What is your real-life experience with the LGBT community?

AB: I grew up in the South in the 90s. Being a member of the LGBT community was just beginning to become something that was talked about around the dinner table or in some social circles. It was talked about around our table, but not in the way you’d imagine.

My mother is a born-and-raised California girl. She grew up with a racist father. He was probably homophobic, as well. Thankfully, none of those things ever transferred to her. She’s an incredibly lady who accepts everyone without question.

JB: How did your mother’s open acceptance factor into your upbringing?

AB: It meant never have to be scared of admitting I liked a girl, or kissed one. It meant if she caught me in my room with a girl, I was in just as much trouble as if she’d caught me with a boy.

When my sister came out as lesbian, no one batted an eyelash. By that point, she didn’t really need to tell anyone. Talking about kissing girls and if one was pretty clued us in way before she did. I think her coming out officially was her telling us she had a girlfriend with and I quote ‘big boobs’. I remember asking ‘how big’ and Kat using her hands to demonstrate over video chat.

JB: Visuals are always helpful.

AB: When she cried about ‘not wanting to be a girl’ and got angry if someone tried to force her into girl clothes, or wear make-up, my mother was the first person to say ‘leave her alone’. I’m pretty sure we only use the pronoun ‘her’ because Kathren, my sister, hasn’t asked us to do anything different. I won’t say my sister is transgender because she does not identify as such.

She has a learning disorder and doesn’t properly grasp the concept of gender transition or how fluid it can be. If she did, she’d probably identity as a boy most days.

I’ve got lesbian cousin-in-laws, gay friends from school who only came out of hiding years after high school ended, and a whole drove of fans on Wattpad who are the next generation of advocates for LGBT rights.

JB: It’s encouraging to meet a person such as yourself who is so vocal about supporting LGBT rights.

AB: I’m part of the community and not just because I write lesbian fiction, but because it’s an active part of my life. I advocate for the rights of LGBT persons because they are my family, friends, and people I love, respect and cherish.

JB: This is a sensitive topic, but you’ve been so forthcoming with your answers thus far, so I was wondering if I could ask you a personal question – are you attracted to both men and women? You mentioned your mother would be equally disapproving if she caught you kissing either girls or boys, so naturally, that question comes to mind…

AB: I’ve personally never seen the need to define if I was straight, lesbian, bi or other. Sexuality is complicated enough without labels. However, in short, I am attracted to men and women.

JB: Agree with you 100% – for me, labels are also unnecessary. Still, I understand why some people feel the need to use them.

What is your favorite LGBT story you’ve ever written? What makes it so special to you?

AB: Indecent Dance is by far my favorite LGBT story. I wrote it in a little over a month. From February 4, 4014 to March 6, 2014 I believe. It started as a race against one of my close friends to see who could finish a book quicker. I won, by the way.

By the end of my writing period, I had a little over 60K words about a former ballerina in hiding because of an injury she’d suffered on her last dance tour. Alaska is everything I love my women to be. She’s brave, smart, talented, kind, successful and beautiful.

JB: What’s Alaska’s central conflict?

AB: Inside, Alaska is broken because of everything she lost. Dance used to be her life. Lilith Hadley, the new school nurse, sets out to fix her. I don’t want to ruin the ending for anyone who might be reading, but I will say, not even I knew the ending was coming until I wrote it out. In many ways, Indecent Dance wrote itself. I was constantly surprised by my characters and which direction the story went.

JB: I love it when the muse takes control.

Do you mind providing a brief summary of Indecent Protection, the companion story included with Indecent Dance? I heard that Indecent Protection’s romance is boy-girl.

AB: Amelia Magee is a young ballerina who happens to be the daughter of a high-profile senator. Jason West is former British intelligence officer looking for an easy job. Amelia was supposed to be it.

JB: So I assume Indecent Protection follows a totally different storyline?

AB: Indecent Dance and Indecent Protection are standalone novels. Alaska is mentioned in Indecent Protection but she is not a major character.

JB: But of the two, you obviously prefer Indecent Dance.

AB: I adore Indecent Dance because the storyline is unique, the characters were fun to write and the plot twist is brilliant. It is leagues above my previous work. I can see my own growth in the writing and storyline.

It’s closely followed by Grim Life though.

JB: Speaking of which, I’m geeking out over the Grim Life cover!

AB: I’m glad you like the cover so much. I did it on my own. I made most of my covers on my own. Loving Anna and Life on The Outside I didn’t make by myself. A great friend did them for me.

JB: Nice friend you got there – generous and talented.

Grim Life is a take on Snow White’s relationship with her wicked stepmother, right? How did you turn this classic fairy tale into a work of your own?

AB: Grim Life is a take on the relationship between Snow White and her wicked stepmother, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a three part book series about multiple naughty fairy tales I will be publishing all at once. For now, it’s Snow White, Red Riding Hood, and Cinderella.

JB: Retelling classic fairy tales for an adult audience would present its share of challenges.

AB: Working and re-imagining fairy tales isn’t easy. I try to stay true to the original tales, but give it my own spin. I feel, I have because the women in Grim Life aren’t the ones you meet in the classic fairy tale.

Grim Life is an erotic Lesbian novel featuring fairy tale woman who don’t take no for an answer. There are no damsels in distress. There is an abundance of women who need to be pleased. And these girls don’t need a man to do it for them.

JB: No ma’am, they sure don’t – especially since they don’t find men sexually attractive.

How’s the reader response been?

AB: Currently it is my second most read book on Wattpad. I imagine it will have nearly a million reads before Summer.

JB: Wicked! Excerpt, please.

AB: Here it is.

Smooth, red, and without imperfections, an apple such as the one I was grasping was the perfect symbol of love, beauty, faith, and immortality. It was a timeless symbol of life. What a simple little thing it is to have such a powerful meaning.

Was it the ageless red that made people associate it with love, and beauty? Maybe it was the star core and seeds found when cut open that made people think of faith and immortality? Who really knew the answer?

Looking at the small fruit in my hand, the only thing I could really think of was the mistake I had made nearly seventeen hours ago. As mistakes go, it was a big one. In the way of life aren’t all mistakes called as such when they are made? Mistakes wouldn’t be such a big thing if every mistake ever made was never worried about. You can’t learn from mistakes that don’t disturb you. If you didn’t learn than you are doomed to repeat them.

There would be no repeat of my weak foolishness. I could not give into the wackiness of my step mother’s mouth. Our actions had been a once-in-a-lifetime random event. Grief made us do crazy things. I would chalk Maura up to a ‘crazy thing’.

Brushing my fingers over the smooth skin of the fruit, I sighed. My mind was in turmoil. Every thought rushed around, banging against one another until I couldn’t settle on a single idea. I had never been so conflicted or confused. I plucked the apple from the tree branch it was attached to. It came free with little resistance. Only a rustle of the leaves gave tell of my apple-stealing activities. It had a lot in common with the activities of the other day. There was no sign of what had been done, except for a slight, almost undetectable shaking.

Pulling the apple that fit in the palm of my hand perfectly towards my chest, I held it close to my breast. Gazing at the small fruit, I could see the shine it had from being well taken care of. The red was deep, and unblemished. It was beautiful, just like the woman who grew the fruit. Turning it over in my hand, I looked it over slowly; in ways the small fruit reminded me of my father. Not only was it round like him, but it needing special care to grow and flourish year around in our kingdom. A special hand was necessary for perfection to be grown.

Smooth and pretty on the outside, it was also tough and could withstand some pretty harsh treatment. It wasn’t invincible, because it did bruise and age. For the most part, though, it was strong and resilient; nothing like me in other words, but everything like my parents. Would my father withstand my treatment of him the way this apple could? Would he understand the mistake I had made with the only woman he had loved beside my mother?

I wasn’t so sure about the answers to those questions. Loving and understanding the people around him were the key aspects of my father’s personality, unless he was wronged. I had wronged the man. His memory was washed in all the shame I knew he’d be feeling right now. My father would burn with betrayal.

Hanging my head in shame, my black curls swung around my face blocking the world from my view. Or maybe I was hiding my shame behind my curtain of hair. Either way the veil was a comfort while I thought. Squeezing my eyes shut, I tried to shut the guilt eating away at my insides off, but it couldn’t be stopped. There was a rising ocean tide inside of my soul that threatened to drown me in sorrow.

“Oh, father, I’m so sorry,” I whispered, barely moving my lips. They resonated in my heart like a canon. It was as if someone had fired a gun into my heart. Someone had. Me. I did this to myself.

JB: Delicious imagery, and feeling guilt after-the-fact – Snow White has a bit of a conscience, it seems.

Let’s talk about career-oriented passion. Besides monetary gain, what is the most rewarding aspect of writing for you?

AB: Honestly, I love interacting with my readers and fellow writers. Since I have a Wattpad, blog, Facebook, and Twitter, I’m able to connect with so many people who have similar interest as me.

There is nothing more rewarding than talking to a fan, hearing how much they loved my work, and finding out they decided to try their hand at writing their own story because of something of mine they have read. It’s equally as rewarding to connect with authors who understand the struggle of being a writer while taking care of life’s other duties.

JB: What’s your favorite memory of a conversation you had with a fan?

AB: I have so many but one, I remember better than the others. There was a girl named Aurora who was fairly new to Wattpad. She messaged me, gushing about how much she loved Loving Anna, how it inspired her to start her own lesbian novel, and wanting to know if I’d read her work, give some pointers, and just be generally supportive.

Of course, I said sure. If a follower contacts me, asking for suggestions or any kind of support, I’m glad to help. This particular girl was wonderful. She had so much talent. On top of that, she was an utter doll. I haven’t talked to her in years but I’ll never forget how enthusiastic she was about not only my writing, but her own. It was a treat having conversations with her.

JB: That’s a really cute story! I’m sure that she still thinks fondly of you, too.

Do you get comments on your stories from women more than men? How do you deal with the occasional hater?

AB: I do get more reads from woman. On my Wattpad demography, it shows 73% of my readers are women, 4% are men and 23% are private. As a lesbian writer, it’s expected that my readers would be woman.

Most of the comments I get are positive. When I do get the occasional awful comment or review, I react like any writer. In other words, I call the person closest to me and complain about how evil the world is. Then, I suck it up and realize not everyone is going to like my work. Sometimes people aren’t going to have anything positive to say. It hurts. It’s a blow to a writer’s soul, but I have to remember I have 2.9 million reads on Loving Anna. That number speaks for itself.

JB: Numbers speak louder than words, it would seem. 😉

Have you experienced any discrimination specific to the genre in which you write?

AB: Oh boy, have I ever! I will remember the first time it happened, two years ago. This unknown woman came on Loving Anna ranting to hell and back about how wrong it was, the sin, how I was going to hell, my readers were going to hell. It got bad. A couple of my other readers jumped in, defending my work and the LGBT community. It quickly spiraled out of control.

That was not the only time it has happened. I have had a lot of people approach me with such hate. It’s always a little shocking when I wake up and find someone spewing the most vile and foul things about a group of people who want nothing but an equal footing in the world.

JB: And in the same breath, the offensive commenter often pretends sanctimony. Ugh.

AB: The funniest time someone attacked me, however, was when someone called ME homophobic. I just sat there for a few minutes, unsure what to do or how to respond. They were calling me homophobic on my LGBT story. I just didn’t understand how they got from A to B.

Eventually, I corrected them and moved on.

JB: You mentioned you corrected the person who called you homophobic (a ludicrous assumption BTW) – do you usually respond to negative feedback, or was this a special case?

AB: On Wattpad, I try to respond to all feedback – negative or positive – in a polite, thankful attitude. Sometimes, I’ve been unable to do that in the face of homophobic, racist, or sexist comments. Usually, I tell those few and thankfully far between people they aren’t welcome on my page to insult the majority of my followers. From there, depending on the severity of the comment, if it’s attacking a person or group, I will report it.

JB: And on Amazon?

AB: If I receive a negative review on Loving Anna from Amazon, Goodreads or a similar site, I don’t respond since that is a completely different setup from Wattpad.

JB: It sounds like you’re taking the caustic comments in stride, which is a the mark of a true professional.

Although it can be disheartening, not all negative feedback is detrimental – in fact, it can sometimes contribute to a writer’s improvement. Can you recall a time when you received helpful constructive criticism?

AB: I have gotten a lot of very helpful criticism over the years. Sometimes, it has been hard to swallow but other times I was just generally really grateful for the feedback.

One young lady on Wattpad read the very rough draft of Loving Anna. She stated she enjoyed the story, plot, and general idea. Then she proceeded to rip my awful grammar, and character development apart. I was crushed at the time. When I rewrote Loving Anna, getting it ready for publication, I looked back at her suggestions, implemented them and feel like Amy and Anna are better for being kicked apart by someone.

I’m half scared she’s going to pop up and tear into Grim Life. I know if she does, I’ll be better for it. And so will Grim Life.

JB: If she does pop up, let’s hope she’s a bit more gentle, but no less helpful. 🙂

Can you remember the moment when you realized you wanted to write fiction for a living?

AB: I have been writing since I was a little girl. It never occurred to me to publish my works and actually get paid for doing something I love until about two years ago. A friend of mine suggested we should get published together. I thought it over, figured it would be a good idea and started down the road to being a published author. It’s been hard but rewarding.

JB: Have you taken any college writing courses?

AB: I have never taken any writing courses, except for the ones I received in my first year of High School. My writing style has grown over the years with practice and the helpful input of good friends.

JB: Practice makes perfect. 🙂

If you weren’t pursuing your passion for storytelling, what would be your secondary career choice?

AB: Honestly, I have my first and second career choices. I can’t claim being an author as my first, because being a mother takes that. I’m a stay-at-home mother to a six-year-old demon with his daddy’s grin. It’s the greatest job and joy I could have ever picked for myself.

My third career choice, however, if I wasn’t a writer or a mother would maybe be working as a special education teacher for mentally challenged and disabled children. Or as a child psychologist. I’ve never been able to properly decide between those two.

JB: I’m a stay-at-home mom, too, so I can relate.

Do you often read to your son?

AB: I do read to my son a lot. We have a shared love of books. His favorite book currently is Waking Dragons. He can nearly read it all by himself. I’m very proud of him. I wasn’t read to a lot as a child, so I’m glad it’s something him and I can bond over. Bedtime stories can be the highlight of any bad day.

JB: I’m so happy to hear that. With all the distractions of modern technology, it’s becoming harder to find parents who have the patience and time for bedtime stories. I bet it’s his favorite time of the night!

Backtracking a bit, I really respect your hypothetical third career choice, and I was wondering what specific aspect of teaching children with special needs appeals to you.

AB: I’m not sure what about working with special needs children appeals to me. Maybe it is tied in with my little sister being a part of the special needs community. Her learning disorder means a lot of people don’t see her. They see her disorder. To me, that isn’t fair. Not many people give them a fair shot because they are different. A lot of people see them as broken, but they aren’t. They deserve the same care, education, and living conditions as anyone. I guess I’d just like to be a part of seeing them succeed in a world that constantly expects special needs children to fail.

JB: One of my brothers has special needs – I can definitely relate to your point of view when it comes to society’s view of differently abled kids.

So…fast-forward ten years. What’s the view like, career-wise?

AB: In ten years, I hope to be a well-established author among the community. Maybe agented with a couple of dozen more books under my belt. It’s always been an internal dream to have my novels available in bookstores. Hopefully I achieve that level of success.

JB: I’d wager you’ve already got your foot in the door. 🙂

What’s the most helpful advice anyone has ever given you about writing fiction?

AB: The best, most helpful advice I’ve ever received was, ‘Stop bitching, write‘.

That advice came on the wings of me complaining about not wanting to write, not wanting to edit, and a whole lot of self-doubt. It’s a simple sentence, but it gets right to the heart of the matter. Stop bitching, write.

JB: Solid advice, but easier said than done in some cases. Still, I like it!

Lastly, if you could be a character in one of your books, who would you be, and why?

AB: I think I would like to be Alaska Bennett from Indecent Dance. She’s a remarkable character. Her life was golden – she was at the top of her game – and it all fell apart around her. Instead of giving up, and letting tragedy end her, she stood strong. She let herself cry and mourn when things went  horribly wrong, but she constantly made the choice to overcome. Alaska Bennett is the kind of woman who decided to be more than her circumstances or tragedy.

In the end, she doesn’t have a great love story, or get exactly what she wants out of life, but she’s happy, content and surrounded by people who love and support her for all of her flaws and perfections.

I suppose I would want to be her because she possesses a strength of character I do not.

JB: I beg to differ – you obviously possess strength of character. Proudly, you represent the under-appreciated, marginalized LGBT community, and you don’t try to hide it. IMHO, that takes major cojones.

Autumn, thank you for this wonderful opportunity to get to know you better. I was already a fan of yours before this interview, but I feel like I know you better now, and that’s truly a delight.

Let me know once you release Grim Life and Indecent Dance on Amazon! For now, I’m off to read Loving Anna on my Kindle while relaxing in the tub with a glass of red wine. I honestly can’t think of a more appealing way to spend my the rest of my night. 🙂

Cheers to your bright future.

AB: Thank you for taking the time to interview me. I really appreciate it. It’s my first one and I hope I didn’t bomb the process too badly. I enjoyed being here with you. I hope you enjoy Loving Anna, and your soak in the tub.

JB: If by “bomb” you mean “pwned” than yes, you totally did. 😉

Interview conducted by Jane Bled

Author of award-winning free queer fiction on Wattpad, and Hannibal fanfiction on AO3.


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In May 2008 she moved to Mississippi with her husband, Zachary, and had a son, Daniel, in November of the same year. She is also the owner of a hyper active dog named Bristol with a bad habit of chewing on everything including but not limited to shoes, dishes, clothes, feet and hands.

Writing has always been a passion of hers. As far back as she can remember, she has been writing. Paper and pen or laptop and keyboard, she is at home with both.

Loving Anna is her first published work. Currently she is in the process of editing and publishing her second novel, Grim Life.



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  1. When I first read Loving Anna I immediately fell in love. It was so thought out and wonderfully written I couldn’t put it down. It was the first lesbian book I had read on Wattpad and really made me realize my love for the same gender. So I give all my thanks to you for helping me realize who I am. I read Loving Anna at least 5 times and fell in love with it more each time. Then when I read your other stories I couldn’t believe the absolute talent you have. The passion between your characters is wonderful and I’ve never felt so connected to a character ever. It’s hard finding truly great writers on Wattpad but you’re one of those few. I love you and your stories and I’d be so happy to win a copy of Loving Anna. Thank you so much for helping me to realize who I am and giving us an incredible story to read!

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    • What an amazing comment. Thank you so much for being brave enough to share your story of self-discovery with us, Carman. Autumn definitely has a knack for creating characters that are true to life. I’ll be more than happy to enter your name into the giveaway. Stay tuned for the winner announcement in a separate blog post (Friday at 4PM EST). Best of luck!


    • I love it when my book captivates a reader but I love it even more when they find something inside that they can connect with. Thank you for coming back to read LOVING ANNA so many times. I’m glad it helped you in some small way realize who you are.

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  2. I found this interview very entertaining, learning about one of my favorite authors on Wattpad allows me to just, you know, have a good day. By learning about others, i have a higher chance to expand my horizon and learn from their achievements. Thanks so much for doing this interview and sharing it! Have a nice day!

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    • Fantastic! I’m very pleased the interview succeeded in entertaining you. Autumn is pretty awesome, I have to say. Did you want to enter the giveaway, or do you already have your copy of LOVING ANNA?


    • Thanks so much, Netshaly, for reading and enjoying the interview. It was so much fun connecting with Jane and going through the process of answering all of her questions. Have a wonderful day!

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      • yeah, when i was reading it, i felt like i understood a little bit about your personality and passion. It nice to see that the LGBT community is being accepted more and more! I personally want to be able to spend time with my partner without the weird look of others, and i hope that others can understand that love has no boundaries. I would always continue to read your stories because they are just all pretty and rainbows. XD

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      • I’m glad you maybe understood a little bit more about me and how I functioned. I answered as openly and honestly as was polite. Some bits went a little long. I talk a lot. LOL

        I wish you and your partner all the luck in the world. It’s an uphill battle every day but at least we are moving up the hill.

        I hope you continue to enjoy my stories! And feel free to contact me on wattpad or any of my other platforms with concerns are random chit chat!

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  3. Loving ana is n always will be one of ma favoite books . I enjoy the updates the cliff hangers n to see the book published is amazing ❤️ Thank you for writing a good awesome book

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  4. would love a chance to win Loving Anna

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  5. I love Breeze’s work, she writes with such finesse and passion. It was lovely to read more about her and how she develops such entertaining short stories and novels.

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  6. This was an amazing interview. I’ve followed your work for a long time. I have a paper back copy of Loving Anna. And I can’t wait for any other book you decide to put out comes. Grim Life is going to epic and so is the Indecent Series. I’ve told you a million times before but you’re an amazing writer. I hope every who read this interview picks themselves up a copy. Or best of luck for those entering the giveaway.

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    • Appreciate the comment, Ezra. Perchance are you Autumn’s other half on Wattpad? I ask because your name is Ezra…;)


      • He is my other half. I told him he needed to come read and had to leave a comment. He said I didn’t know you HAD to leave a comment. I said well no, you don’t. Well other’s don’t YOU do. LOL

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  7. The first time I’ve read Loving Anna, I was a bit reluctant. Well, I don’t why, seriously, because I write gay stories, like Autumn Breeze, and I want to help the LGBT community with my stories. But I had never read lesbian stories before reading Loving Anna. So I didn’t know how to react, maybe it’s because I’m a woman, or because I’m young (I’m in High School), I really don’t know, to be honest. I was afraid it will disgust me.
    But I realized this story isn’t about lesbians, in fact. It’s about love in general, about secrets, about relationships. And I really really REALLY liked this.
    I think it’s a life-lesson. Love is hard. But it doesn’t have boundaries. Love is why is life worth living for.
    Then, I’ve read Autumn Breeze’s other works, and I think it’s wonderful. Her stories aren’t about sexuality, they aren’t JUST lesbians stories. It’s more than that. I think her stories (and those she write with her friend 30secondstodeath, under the pseudo HonestDying) are masterpieces, really.
    Well, that’s the end of my comment.

    Please, keep writing and doing amazing things, Autumn ! You’re sublime ! Your interview was so great and inspirational !

    By the way, sorry if I made mistakes, I’m French and I’m still improving my English.

    (It will be so great to have the Loving Anna’s copy, 😍 ! In fact, I don’t know if I can buy it in France, even with Amazon… So if I could win it, it would be amazing !)

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    • Thank you for the lovely comment! It’s wonderful to hear that Autumn’s work speaks to you so deeply. I’ll be happy to enter you into the giveaway, though I’m a little fuzzy on the details of international Kindle gifting. If you win, however, I’m sure we can find a way to get the book to you. Do you have a website? I’m curious to read your writing. 🙂

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    • This is a brilliant comment. I enjoyed reading it so much! I am so happy you to a chance on LOVING ANNA and recognized it was about more than lesbians. I took a chance when I wrote it and I’m so happy with the turn out. The response has been amazing because of people like you who support the LGBT community.

      Thank you so much. If you do win the giveaway, I am able to gift international so no worries there. I’m not sure if you can buy it on amazon or not. They are weird with their over seas purchases.

      GOOD LUCK!

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  9. This makes me want to get on Wattpad!
    I’ve never read a book that could be classified as LGBT, and I just stumbled across this (well-written, colourful) interview today…I might take this as a sign from the universe and go check out Loving Anna.


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