A beautifully-expressed opinion of words and silence that stirs the soul.


Silence is found in the heart of words.

Well, this is one of my most favourite and fascinating topic of writings — words and silence..

Words and silence have always been in the limelight of the heart of writers. Words are the real weapons of writers. Weapons of words have more power and energy that can destroy or create almost anything in this world. The words of ancient philosophers, saints, masters have always come to the rescue when this world finds itself at the worst state of chaos that obviously and unfortunately prefers to go beyond the peace.

Words that were spoken by one of the most dangerous men and agile orator the world had ever seen — one and only Adolf Hitler and many other dictators like him, have always created the atmosphere of war and hatred through the lethal weapon of words across the world, and that…

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  1. Jane nice to meet you. I can relate to the health stuff. I think writing is a place to free up the spirit when you are restrained (at least it helps me.)

    Best with your books

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