February 28, 2016


Seductive and vivid poetry about a submissive’s “last act of independence” – read “Bound” by Mel Douleur.

pushing our limits


Wrists given willingly
My last act
Of independence
But how those ropes
Could set me free
Your bonds
Taking everything away
And replacing it
With you
You could shred me
But instead
You would polish me
Make me into
A new woman

I have longed for my
To be pushed
Now I burn
For those lines
To be erased
I have ached for
The blunt edge
Of affection
Now it has grown
Into an ever present need
I have wanted
Oh how I have wanted
To feel the ecstacy
Of bruises
And welts
The stinging reminders
Of your love
In a world of musts
And nows
I have learned patience

But I hope
To be bound
For the wait

Image from Tumblr.com, artist unknown.

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