I have my Kindle copy! Read Bev’s favorable review of author Dylan J. Morgan’s actIon-packed sci-fi novel OCTOBER RAIN.

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Today’s second team review is from Bev, she blogs at http://baspicer.blogspot.fr/

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Bev has been reading October Rain by Dylan J Morgan


Review October Rain

The action takes place on Mars, but all is not well with the planet, and only a small percentage of the original Earth survivors remain, awaiting transport to a new home. We are introduced immediately to Steele, ruthless, and a cold fish, except when it comes to his wife and child. His mission to assassinate a list of terrorists provided by the government carries this action thriller along at a cracking pace from the word go.   The author communicates not only the notion of imminent danger at every turn, but also the desperation of a man who longs to spend time with his family and live a normal life. It’s easy to root for Steele as he faces challenges against the odds, encountering a range of…

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