March 24, 2016

The Ideological Lens


The Rationalists

There is a ubiquitous trend in intellectual spaces of adopting an ideological lens through which to view media, people or events. A brief Google search for “feminist lens” will turn up dozens of academicpapers and analyses from a “critical feminist perspective“. A search for “Marxist lens” will provide you with endlessbook and moviereviews of celebrated classics from the perspective of class conflict.

One can even do this with rising ideological perspectives. A search for “Libertarian lens” will provide you with tentative blog posts from libertarians seeking to apply their own world view to the same subjects. I have even been tempted to try critiquing through a Classical Liberal or Social Liberal lens, myself.   The concept of the ideological lens can be used by any framework of ideas and any conceivable thing can be viewed through it.

However, it is…

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