Peripatetic goals

No shoe unlaced



“Separate, but equal”

Pavement space

Each step we take

Resurfaces the road



Soles of souls

Trampled by evolution

No revolution

Biodegradable dross

Beneath dress shoes

Nothing more to lose

A pair of dumb pumps

Traverses the busy street

Their owner’s text alert beeps

In the midst of midday traffic

She comes to a dead-stop

Then gets modified by

A corporate semi-truck

Fresh out of luck


Death-toll collected

Natural selection


As pedestrians

We feign to seek protection

But during each election

Without fail

The average American hails

Those sales-politician’s magician’s tricks

We give them dirty money

They hand us bullshit on edible sticks

Soporific spectacles

Epitomize entertainment

And erase the blame

From sneaky minority smear campaigns

Enclaves be damned

Here’s Uncle Sam!

A jolly white man with a stern sharp beard

Waggling his finger

Advocating fear

And look —

You can ogle hot celebrities’ rears!


States United

In schadenfreude

Joining the gazing-stock

Leads to homeland terrorism

Masked as religious idealism

The ones we should fear

Have always been here

And they’re not those punks

Who robbed the corner store

They’re the birds sitting pretty

On the laurels of race wars

I pledge allegiance to the flag

Fingers crossed

Behind my back.



©Jane Bled



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The Outlands

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Be well.

❤ Jane