All of you watched.

I bared my teeth. “Choke on it.”

For #FlashFictionFriday, I’m sharing a stellar short by horror author Joseph A. Pinto about why you should never mess with a father raised to follow “The Family” code of honor — especially if you’re not willing to find out the truth before passing your judgment. As chilling as this tale is, you’ll still have ample […]

See for yourself.

My madness hides in the trees.

You can’t question the loamy articulations that barely qualify as speech collecting at the bottom of his rocks glass like too many take-homes from The Himalayas. You can’t ask them what’s wrong with preferring the color they ignore — “that’s for underlings” — it’s not acceptable to perforate the illusion. You can’t tell them you’ve […]

Hey, I heard you’re hiring.

That place aches, too.

“As girls, we always want to look presentable, clean, and pretty.” – Author Unknown BARF. Gag me with a spoon and shove it up your tookus (said lovingly). Does anyone know who wrote this crap? I saw it on Pinterest some months back and rolled my eyes at all the ‘likes’ and repins. Really, people? […]

“Men and women are physiologically a lot more similar than people realize. Vive la différence, of course, but in terms of the neurological capacity for experiencing the orgasmic impulses, we’re wired in quite a similar manner.” ~ Carrie Weisman Worry not — this article isn’t click-bait. I’m just doing my part to further sex education. […]

Here is the english version of my now famous “Fallait demander” ! Thanks Una from for the translation 🙂 via You should’ve asked — Emma

Welcome to Throwback Thursday, poetry-style. I wrote the following piece during high school, whilst twitterpated — in the throes of mad hormonal puppy love with Cameron, my first beau (and ultimately, first heartbreak). Cameron, wherever you are…thank you for the years we spent together. Of all our first-time moments, I especially recall your, “Potato!” schtick. […]

When properly smoked, The meat of my tongue Melts in his mouth Like unctuous grease From spitfire-skin: Roasted, succulent, Charred to perfection, Falling off the bone. He girds up his loins To cloister borrowed time, And I taste the slip — Digging nails inside the slit — As he slinky-slides in, Prim as a pin. […]

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening. Insomnia’s treating me like a redheaded stepchild. Scratch that — I’m nobody’s stepchild. Not anymore. My hair, however…that color is dyed-in-the-wool. During NaNoWriMo2016, I wrote a YA-dystopian-scifi-fantasy-LGBT-romance-suspense-seriocomedy hybrid called Nobody Knows. By hand. At some point, I’ll come up with a clever sub-genre to assign my baby, but […]

I will pursue it Not for applause But simply because I keep repeating Pulsed echoes of A hurt heart in need Freely beating to bleed A lost-time mind Listlessly stalling No longer will I Resist my soul’s calling “Freely” © Jane Bled 06/06/17 *** Please share your art (poetry, prose, photography, etc.) based on the […]

Precious keepsake: tears Sparkling visions collected Hope glimmers, unshed “Tears” ©Jane Bled 06/04/2017 *** Haiku-na matata. ❤ Jane