June 6, 2017

Poetry: “Freely”

Little seed trying to break free.

Little Seed Trying To Break Free. © Emmaneel | Dreamstime Stock Photos

I will pursue it

Not for applause

But simply because

I keep repeating

Pulsed echoes of

A hurt heart in need

Freely beating to bleed

A lost-time mind

Listlessly stalling

No longer will I

Resist my soul’s calling

“Freely” © Jane Bled 06/06/17


Please share your art (poetry, prose, photography, etc.) based on the prompt ‘freely’ (yes, I know it’s an adverb — suck it up, mimimalists, and deal with it). Link your piece in the comments. Hit me with your best shot. Or rather, please don’t — just a tender nudge will do. 😉


About Jane Bled

Human. Happy in my solitude. Free of expectations. Awakening. Light side: love, peace, art. Dark side: ****** I despise the word 'follower'. It calls to mind lemmings, sheep, cults, etc. Here to exhibit my art -- not aiming to gain a flock of seagulls that mournfully cry out my name as they fail to reach me.


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