June 8, 2017

Poetry: “Dream”

Welcome to Throwback Thursday, poetry-style. I wrote the following piece during high school, whilst twitterpated — in the throes of mad hormonal puppy love with Cameron, my first beau (and ultimately, first heartbreak).

Cameron, wherever you are…thank you for the years we spent together. Of all our first-time moments, I especially recall your, “Potato!” schtick. That hilarious episode shall forever remain one of your dorkiest; it’s also the moment I realized how smitten I was, you big goon. Even with cafeteria potatoes smashed all over your face like a money shot gone wrong, I couldn’t help falling for your zany charm. *heart-eyes*



We play in the lazy river

Stealing stars from the sky

Laughing and singing

Barefoot in the underbrush

Hiding behind

Night-cloaked trees

We forget who we are

As we pretend to be

Ageless, timeless,



Nothing else matters

Except breathing

In the cool night air

We whisper

Secret wishes

Only children make

To share

And you take my hand


Running from daylight

And reality

We wish away our troubles

As dandelion seeds


The path of the wind

Wafting toward

The watchful eyes

Of the ancient moon


Although we’ve seen it all before

We’re seeing it anew

In the mauve darkness

With sugar-coated lips

From the candy of our youth


There are fireflies in my hair

And moonbeams in your eyes

© Jane Bled



Nighty-night, glow-worms.


Moon landscape