Article Share: “Multiple Orgasms for Men?”

“Men and women are physiologically a lot more similar than people realize. Vive la différence, of course, but in terms of the neurological capacity for experiencing the orgasmic impulses, we’re wired in quite a similar manner.” ~ Carrie Weisman

Worry not — this article isn’t click-bait. I’m just doing my part to further sex education. 😉 And promoting equal rights for all! 😛

Work that click: Multiple Orgasms for Men? by Carrie Weisman via

Men of low stamina: if you manage to master this technique, not only will you rock your own world, but your partner(s) will also appreciate your impressive display of sexual prowess. No matter how earnest the effort, sometimes 5-10 minutes (or less) of rigorous “internal massage” can prove anti-climactic for the recipient — if you know what I mean.

fill up
Fill her up! Gasoline © Ernest Prim | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Happy endings to all!


PS – Dedicated to the men who think they know how to drive. Fast cars do not equal skilled drivers. Catch my drift?


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