Life slips away

As sleep slowly overtakes me

Shuttering these weary eyes from

The light and dark of the world

My soul’s door has sealed itself

So tightly

No heart can unlock it

Save one last kiss for me

Before the parting of ways

You always knew I smoldered

In the spotlight of the sun

My madness hides in the trees

Swinging from the highest bough

I take the leap

Life crashes gently




She stirs

Seduction comes close

A voluptuous form

Behind parted lips

Unclouded eyes open

Expectant with desire

Don’t want to see

Can’t want to see

Those sly rubies

Peeking out at me

But I can’t look away


Held in Persephone’s gaze

I travel to the underworld

And let the shadows steal a caress

Take my breath

Bring me death


Beneath the earth


I look into the mirror, mirror

And watch the icecaps vanish

From my alpine visage


The demon oarsmen row closer to shore

They’re coming to bear me home

Across a sanguine river

The queen


Eyes open



“Persephone” © Jane Bled

*Originally written 8/3/03, edited 12/29/15


Languish not.