Inspired by [100 word story], a writing website that features original flash fiction and monthly photo prompts, I penned “Taking the Piss out of Me”, a 100-word flash fiction that depicts the dynamic between a captive and her jailor. This tale is not meant to sensationalize or titillate (though I can’t control the effect it will have on you). Truth be told, I have entertained a morbid fascination with predator-prey power-plays ever since I can remember.

Call the shrink. 😉

“Taking the Piss out of Me”

He unchained me so I could take a piss on the floor. I wondered what was the point — after all, he could have made me soil myself where I sat. Likely, he teased me with the toy of freedom just to snatch it back; watch me crack.

Nostrils flared in disgust, he mopped up the coffee-drenched humid stench of my dense urine.

I bared my teeth. “Choke on it.”

“You bet.”

To my dumbstruck dismay, he reached between his legs and gave his weapon of choice a lazy tug. It twitched; thickened.

Oh, I realized. So that’s how it is.

businessman with key of success

Businessman with key © Madja | Dreamstime Stock Photos ID 3958415

In your vivid imagination, what happens after the captor reveals his “weapon”? My mental TV conjures the following scene: captive bites off captor’s manhood, and escapes with the perp’s balls hanging around her neck — a trophy, if you will. A testament to her triumphant survival.

On a side note: it’s come to my attention my followers may not be receiving notifications of my posts, particular the email-only subscribers. Please let me know if there are any issues. Also, if you have tips on how to correct this error, I’d appreciate your sharing them.

Thank you for reading.


PS — No, I don't hate men. But I do loathe the actions of the ones who use their “power” to exploit and victimize others. The same goes for female perpetrators.

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