June 30, 2017

Poetry: “Beyond”

The tornado-warning sky
Swishes around inside
My menthol-ed mouth
Like a late-night
Early-morning mistake
I secretly wish to repeat
(But it’s no secret)

That sweet pulling sensation
Drags me down low
On the down-low

Insalubrious action
Sparks attraction
And it’s so much easier
To just let the emptiness
Swallow me like a pill
Become a vessel

I do not crave you —
I am beyond.
Keep your filthy hands to yourself.

Snoring sleeping dogs
Snippets of past dialogues
I let them simmer in the pot
Bring the catch to the surface
Nothing below
The dappled reflection
Just another face
To feed from
(To taste like his)
A broken plate

My words were never mine
I borrowed them from you
(And you)
As all of you watched
To settle the bet
As to which of the two
Stroked it

Scanned hand - future and internet protection concept

Hands © Mario Lopes ID 2716945 | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Jane Bled
03/19/2016, edits finalized 06/30/2017


“Goodbye” began with, “Hello.”

Happy Friday. Have a glorious weekend.


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