July 6, 2017

Poetry: “Tails”

Twelve kilometers high,

I sent him spiraling

Into the nubivagant sky


He crash-landed

On my palm


Temporarily blinded by

His toothsome brilliance

My spectacles winked off his

Scintillating surface

I squinted

Unable to discern

A snake’s scales

Fresh from stale

Heads or tails

His Rorschach inkblot

(Deep thought)

Implied that

It mattered not

Since the odds of even

Were rigged

From the instant

I voiced, “Heads!”

On a twin-tailed silver dollar

And my echo did not reply

Alternate ending: Echo replied, but its response was neither welcome nor desired.

Key and money

Key and money © Johnny Lye | File ID: 2132274 | Dreamstime Stock Photos

A pocketful of thanks;

A penny for your thoughts.