July 12, 2017

Poetry: “Brain”

Warning: explicit content, including strong language and sexual imagery.


© Jane Bled 2017

The satellite way-stationed

On asymmetrical engravings


Stuck the landing

Initials twined like kissing faces

Twinning’s Earl Grey tea

How does the owl take her fee

Timeshare spent for bribery

Hey-is-for-horses running free

Spurred on to suggest


Mind control blinkers on

Kinks back to the left

Right side’s neglected

Rusted tools in the shed

Victims duly bled

Leeching imaginary beta-baby

Teach, preach to a halting screech

Cavalier courts courtesan’s chandelier

Omega theta Sega player-hates her

Alpha arrests arsonist’s élan

Unarmed, un-sound the art-thief’s alarm

Pass the salt, sugar AWOL

An excuse to stall

MRI brain

MIA detained

Detention for the brood

So check under the hood

Between gaskets, springs leak

Got nothing but love

For all y’all freaks

Lovely rejects

Ejected from

The seatbelt-less seat

Crash test dummy

Ain’t life funny

Scrumpin’ mummies

Stay sunny

Sick, need honey

Nose’s all runny

Droppin’ deuces

In the dunny


Dungeon drudgery

Get thee to a nunnery

Lest the ill speaks


Squeaky clean

Rubber duckies in a row

Live the life you choose

Plough manure ’till it grows

Utilize the hoes and

Don’t forget to use the hose

To water all the shit you sowed

Turn on the blast


Means nothing

Too fast

Your ass eats grass

Front-row tickets

To the hunting party

Bunting the dunce

Guess you need another

Heart valve shunt

To pull another stunt

Fronting feelings

On Mike Hunt

Ruddy runt

Running from

The measles and the mumps


5, 4, 3, 2, 1


Jack off

Hats off

Now if that’s what you call


Then I’ll meet you

In the sun

Play onwards, punks

Play on words



You’re double-jointed

The point of this

It’s pointless



MRI © Mariusz Jurkowski | File ID: 6117205 | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Thank God for therapy. 😉


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