Warning: the following lyrics contain strong language and sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Dedication: I wrote “Castle in the Clouds” in 2015 (edited in 2017) for a super-dirty badass female rapper. Whoever you are.

Keep in mind, if you want to use these words, you’ll need my permission. šŸ™‚

“Castle in the Clouds”

Ā© Jane Bled



The queen’s bedspread’s
Just big enough for
The two of us
And an army of pillows
We call it a truce
So I unstrap my dildo


We play-fight at night
When you frisk me
It’s risky
Get all handsy
Pat me down
Pound for pound
Full-body cavity search
Don’t besmirch
My rear
Leave a palm-print here
So when you’re not near
And I’m home alone
Touching myself
Mirror clone
Stripped to the bone
You’ll be more than a smear
Monroe-brand underwear
Not bigger than you were
Inside me earlier
Flirting with verbiage
Not better than the real thing
But meatier than
A mere fling
A quick pick-me-fuck
To murder the time
Counting the hours
Until we can grind


Yo, I’m working on
The in’s and out’s
Building our castle in the clouds
With my mouth


Lately, Mad Hatter
You’ve been my lone ladder
I climb to soaring heights
Ride the Ferris wheel of life
Moving up into the night
It’s easy enough
To forget the fights
Hey, man
Need a light?
Or would rather you go for a bite
To eat,
Indulge in an ounces or two
Of greed
Forget the sack of weed
I don’t take well
To MJ’s seeds
Speaking of which
Gotta confess this shit
Yesterday I pressed my clit
Against the kitchen counter
Screaming louder, louder, louder
Fleeting friction, limerent feels
But my love for you’s
The tried-and-true deal


I’m cursing your name
So it mimics a diss
Take me underwater with
Your benthic blue kiss
Saltwater, eyes to lips
No need to make it quick
Anticipation’s boom reverberates
Fuck me with your big-boy brain


Yo, I’m working on
The in’s and out’s
Building our castle in the clouds
With my mouth


Never done this kind of kink before
Never dropped down low
Dirty flirting on the dancefloor
Never been your druggie’s score
But when you unlocked
The backstage door
I met my inner whore
And she ain’t hiding anymore
I been around
Go ‘head and frown
I’ll just take my soiled gown
To the dry cleaners
Along with my muddy sneakers
Stains come out easy, breezy, beautiful
Cover girl
Give you a twirl
Make your toes curl
Please, please, please
Meet me behind the trees
In my neck of the woods
So can we can make good
On my daily fantasies


Take me from behind
Watch me unwind
I’m pliable, viable, undeniable
You’re my kind of crazy
Let’s get real, baby


Yo, I’m working on
The in’s and out’s
Building our castle in the clouds
With my mouth


Pussy-killin’ clown
Quit fuckin’ around
Just take it down south



Legs Ā© George Ardelean | File ID: 1355455 | Dreamstime Stock Photos

I adore a good pair of fishnets. It’s a shame they run so easily.

Thank you for coming.



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  1. Permission please, to use these words on my latest conquest. Mmm. Damn.. this rhyme gets me every time!

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  2. Beautiful photo and amazing tale. I liked this one.

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  3. Damn girl…you can drop a beat! šŸ˜‰

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