Often the arts can go unrecognized as a valid life path for a young person, but you just have to look to who the people are that are revitalizing our Indigenous communities and you will see artists at the forefront.

Artist and mentor Francine Cunningham reflects on her experience providing encouragement in overcoming obstacles that would otherwise hinder authentic expression; resulting in the creation of honest artworks from her students.

I had the privilege of being an artist in residence in Mistissini, a community in northern Quebec, this February and March. The community was small and welcoming; the snow, on the other hand, was otherworldly. There were mountains of it piled and strung along the road to the school, like a miniature version of the […]

via Transcendence—by Francine Cunningham — QWF Writes

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  1. Thank you for your thoughts in Transcendence. I spent 4 days in June in Chisasibi at the MikwChiyam end-of-year festival. Your article has connected words with what I witnessed, the front line of the next generation of indigenous artists. It was a blessing to be there to witness the Mikw Chiyam family in action. John Hodges

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