True story: last night I had the pleasure of meeting Nicholas, a zany, oddly charming patron of the bar I like to use as my writing space when I’m granted late-night alone time.

A bespectacled bearded blond man approached me as I scribbled my latest poem. In a voice hoarsened by his latest shenanigans at The Doobie Brothers concert, he asked me what I was writing. Of course I clammed up as I always do when someone breaks my mental stride and pries into my personal business; but I quickly softened up after talking to him for a bit. It didn’t hurt that he praised my hobby (“That’s not a hobby — that’s a passion!” he enthusiastically corrected me) and said I looked beautiful (when delivered in a non-creepy way, I admit to appreciating a little flattery here and there). Though I don’t need validation in order to continue pursuing an activity I enjoy, it’s pleasant to receive a positive reaction to my craft rather than a negative one.

Anyway, as we chatted, he bought me my favorite drink (vodka martini — dry, extra dirty), and he offered to write me a poem directly in my journal. Of course I let him! Gifts of art please me far more than material goods.

Having attained Nicholas’ permission, I’m honored to share his work:


The tides…
Swept up in our sadness,
Drawn below.

~ Nicholas W.


Chair And Beach © Yukimasahirota | ID 6696677 | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Lovely poem, isn’t it? I appreciate his writing style: simple, clear-cut. Emotional.

I hope to run into Nicholas again; maybe convince him to part with another spontaneous poem. Also, it doesn’t hurt that he has a warm grin, randomly dances to whatever music’s playing in his head, and hugs like a teddy bear. 🙂

Nicholas, if you ever visit my blog, as I invited you to do, thanks again. You made my night!

And readers — if you’re ever in need of standard or custom furniture, and/or quality home goods, please visit Nicholas’ store Long White Beard (the link provided takes you directly to his business’ Facebook page). If you like what you see, check out LWB’s Amazon storefront, too. Now that I think about it, I just might want a stylish decorative shelf to house my growing collection of journals…