Warning: Sexually explicit language and imagery. Reader discretion is advised.

“This Is An Orgasm”

© Jane Bled 2016-2017


“Stay after class.”

Lord, can I tell you about

The warm weight

Of primed puerility?

It’s cupped in my palm

And twitching

Begging for a peel-back stroke

A tender half-pipe touch

I just might fall off the bench

Adolescents growing in window panes

Pining on a juju mushroom cloud

Bombs burst from juvenescence

Youth resplendent

In its essence

Did wonders

To erect tepid enervation

Through caffeinated jitters

Take that, too

Give us a straw for that thick milk


Poked parts of Hannah

Without her teeth

Leeched Labradors drooling

In dribbles

Leaking lethargy into

Seamless hipster panties

Fleshy soft burgundy thighs

High on a pull-apart Caramello

Ice cream wet dream

Clichés needed STAT


I don’t not care

I just care not to care

That he might care not

That she doesn’t not care

And nobody cares about nothing

Yakuza hush-hush

Drop-robe dragons

Emblazoned in ink

Sickening craven cowards

Who never quavered in speech

Without trembling:

“Answer me.”

And those jagged stares from

The ball-and-gag gang of bullies who

*Stole lunch money

*Wielded zippers down

*And microwaved the putty

With hisses of breath

Like sifting silt-fingers

Thrusting through clay

To conquer

Musculature frottage

Frisky curves

To cultivate bone


Au naturel

Grunts crackling

Cracking knuckles

Skin groaning

Honing in on

Him on

Her on


Sin’s a sin

If that’s what they call it

If that’s what you make it

At least make it last

(Clit)oral climax

“Come after class.”

Juicy orange slice very close-up

Juicy orange slice very close-up © Iryna Rasko | File ID: 12830393 | Dreamstime Stock Photos

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