Hereafter, Helena,

Take your wards into charge;

Thresh through sodden persiflage

Under wing,

From necks wringed dry

Of dignity —

Meek merciless wretches

Who suffer daily,

Demeaned by

Meaningless cruelty,

Actuated by religious reminders

Of humankind’s merits:

“Less than the sum of an ocean,”

(More than the addition of compulsion)

So claim the gods who use staffs to guide them,

Wear masks to bed;

Proffer riches for hide-ins.

Glaciers make evidence to rise,

Incite idle bodies to idolize

Iron, graphite, transmogrified.

As we watch,

Soldered in place,

Chained by the powers that be,

Beseeched by man,

The deadliest beast:

“God Save the Queen!”

Vows declared,

Heads bowed,

Down on both knees.

Helena, we’ll help you

Preserve the peace.


Will it ever cease

To exist,

To desist

That chimera’s scent,

This will-o’-the-wisp,

These pearls of judgment?

Hope, Helena,


Offer your love;

Entitle it so.


Lilacs-in-waiting © Jane Bled | My Photos

Freely; with tenderness.


Thank you for reading, friends.


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Dreaming, writing, singing. Curious queer human. Soul-deep; heart speaks.


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