I’m tied to these threadbare sheets
unmoving in my grief
as denial gives way to doubt
and I have to face the fact
my bed feels better empty

Within a latibule of undiscovered hours, time does not wait — it waves.

Time to flip the scrip’,
extinguish it.
blaze on through the blips —
I exist not just to live. 

Felonious Flagellation Fanatic Fratricidal maniac Toys in the attic Eclipsed betwixt Planetary brigades Delirium’s fire paid Attention to the Blood Moon shooting Scarlet fury flip-side Monarchy Larceny Anarchy Ride or die Deplore the flimsy state Of static brain membrane And curse the oaks To their coffin-making Fate Should allusion Shriek of intrusion Then There’s nothing […]

Remember how to swim.

you own them
as slaves own
not even their
given names
because master
gave you
one of his own

Careful caresses
of quiet brutality
tender my
budding urge
to unfurl
your petals

I have forgotten How to unlearn Your topography Mountains Canyons Cliffs Etched inside My mind’s rolled parchment Chartered territories Call to me in wind-driven voices: “Come home.” Crooked-finger landmarks Beckoning Until I lose my scent To adopt Your rugged-pine fragrance Each breath The mithridate To my love-poisoned lungs I will not find you there. *** […]

The color she picks is metallic purple. It reminds me of a skirt I used to wear to the club-of-the-week before I became legal. As she takes in every colorful detail of her favorite superhero cartoon, I paint her tiny fingernails more carefully than I’ve ever painted my own. I don’t tell her that one […]

Each time I drive by Apartment 8, I chance a glance at the 2nd-story window, hoping against hope that your sunshine will greet me.

Lest adults forget the importance of a child’s inherent wisdom… Mae is three years old. When she needs to blow her nose, she does not wait for a tissue. She takes care of business. Sometimes her business is learning about the viscosity of body fluids and the laws that govern them and it is not […]

I dare you to Encroach upon My personal space Without inspiring My hands To push you Away It can’t be done No one has yet To prove me Wrong Even if you take the dare, you will not succeed. I don’t (willingly, knowingly) take candy from strangers. My lesson learned: always be cautious. Don’t trust […]

Obsequious omniscience Heralds ending transcendence Beclouded belaboring Beleaguered breath Beshrouds the chokehold Heaven sent Angel flies to flee Insidious fugitive Of niceties Incarcerated Cloistered Elements Evaporate Hips press Phantom ribs Between suits 9-5 Dimpled dervish Dipping delicious Digital diction (Did I leave it Alone) Pale whisper of hope A less honorable Means of Groping Each […]

She did not dare correct him.

Welcome. 🙂 Today I’m sharing another poetry/painting fusion — this time, my collaborator is abstract artist Mo Tuncay. I’ve admired Mo’s art since the moment I first stumbled across his work on Twitter. We struck up a fast friendship and he allowed me to interview him in November of 2014. I have the honor of […]

Doubt has its proper place.

“Mound” © Jane Bled 2016-2017 *** Sheer stockings slim Soft supple skin; Fleshy bits fresh From al fresco bath. Night-sky fishnets Barely cover Milky-way mound of Venus. Steamed dumpling squirts Sweet star anise seed into Moaning meeting mouth: Angel feeds Demon. *** I’ll never look at tulips the same way again. Thank you for pausing […]

The abstract affection Of petals grazing plush lips Calls your parting to mind. In a quiet channel that Dapples and bends into Curlicued quarter notes And dotted half-rests, Jellyfish clouds stop To rest atop Monolithic snow-cones; Aquatic Adirondacks Puntuate the stillness With pauses of their own; Chokecherries shrivel Like raisins in the sun. Desiccated oblong […]

Babe, I’m sorry. Was I not supposed to Reveal (Aloud) The contortions I dreamt of us in (Last night) During study group? My bad. Gosh, that game of (tongue) Twister! Gets me every time. 😉 Thank you for playing. ❤ Jane

Summer’s ream
of sundry dreams