Readers, your time and attention is deeply appreciated. 🙂 I’ve decided to use original artworks whenever possible to accompany my pieces. Artist Rio Shayne has graciously allowed me to pair her painting Enchanted Tree (Rio, you’re the best!) with my poem “Timbre.” Please enjoy our union of art and words.


Enchanted Tree by Rio Shayne

Summer’s ream
Of sundry dreams.

Balding autumnal trees
Shed skeins of veined
Tertiary leaves,
Analogous tapestries,
Loosened loops of forestry.
Mother Nature’s crocheting,
To add another feathering.

Teaming with hushed murmurings,
Thrive aviary sanctuaries.
Of timbered detritus.

Desideratum sighs,
“Seasons change –
Don’t fight this.”

As for how or why,
I haven’t the slightest.


When you quiet your mind, your soul speaks. — Rio Shayne

To learn more about Rio Shayne’s creative process, and what inspires her artwork, please read the artist spotlight interview I conducted in January 2015.

Artist Bio


Rio Shayne

Rio Shayne lives in Portland, Oregon, where she was born and raised. Rio creates works of art predominantly in the mediums of painting and drawing. During her time at the Arts & Communication Magnet Academy, she won an art contest for her paintings, which resulted in a scholarship. She has been in art shows at the Goodfoot Pub and Lounge, the People’s Art of Portland Gallery, The Ford Gallery, and various local businesses and First Thursday venues. Rio is known for her use of vibrant colors and rich textures. Her art is influenced by psychedelics, expressionism, impressionism, cubism, abstract, and contemporary.

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Illuminated Dandelions (Different Filter Effect) © Rio Shayne





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