August 4, 2017

Poetry: “Parting”

The abstract affection
Of petals grazing plush lips
Calls your parting to mind.

In a quiet channel that
Dapples and bends into
Curlicued quarter notes
And dotted half-rests,
Jellyfish clouds stop
To rest atop
Monolithic snow-cones;
Aquatic Adirondacks
Puntuate the stillness
With pauses of their own;
Chokecherries shrivel
Like raisins in the sun.

Desiccated oblong opulence
Draws midnight purple crowds
Who gather maligned mouthfuls
Of pruned panaceas;
They heal without the wound.

But I remember you.



Grief And Grieving © Skypixel |

Perhaps some wounds were not meant to heal. Hold your dear ones close.

Thank you for reading. I hope your Friday is rife with love and happiness.


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Human. Happy in my solitude. Free of expectations. Awakening. Light side: love, peace, art. Dark side: ****** I despise the word 'follower'. It calls to mind lemmings, sheep, cults, etc. Here to exhibit my art -- not aiming to gain a flock of seagulls that mournfully cry out my name as they fail to reach me.


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