August 6, 2017

Poetry: “Sunday”

Warning: The following poem contains ideologically sensitive material. Reader discretion is advised.


Certainties shrivel
Belief has a vacancy
Deities resign

Upon a time
Ever after
Happily never
Roaming Roman rolled
Into Brer Rabbit’s briar patch
Thwacked the thumb-sore thorns
He cast
With a rolled-up magazine
Across the auburn outback
Beat the current’s silent sizzle
Of intrepid traffic’s
Touch/go stream
Shaving shoreside at the beach
Grooming Salt Lake City’s streets
De-staining sleep from concrete sheets

Suspicion minds p’s
& q’s quarrel
“You” v. “Me”
Absent morality
Shrewd neutrality

Who needs the Amazon
When you can
Build another high rise
Captain Pilgrim
Prepare your horses
For a hard ride
Blow cyclonic blusters
Of biblical stenosis
A winded kick to the
Proverbial teat
10 Commandments
On paid paternity

Dearly beloved
Look what it cost us

At Sunday dinner
Doubt has
Its proper place
And a heaping plate.



Jesus looking at the sunset © Jaroslaw Grudzinski | File ID: 1606759  | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Today I read a tweet by @ZachNelsonMusic under the trending hashtag #ConfessYourUnpopularOpinion that was undeniably a platitude, but nevertheless resonated: “Just because you disagree with someone doesn’t mean you hate them…”

Thank you for reading. Peace be with you.