August 8, 2017

Art + Poetry: “Leap”

Welcome. 🙂 Today I’m sharing another poetry/painting fusion — this time, my collaborator is abstract artist Mo Tuncay. I’ve admired Mo’s art since the moment I first stumbled across his work on Twitter. We struck up a fast friendship and he allowed me to interview him in November of 2014. I have the honor of presenting one of his newer paintings, Egyptian, in conjunction with my poem “Leap.”

Please enjoy.


Egyptian © Mo Tuncay


I stumbled over love
Lost long ago,
And rediscovered my soul.

Fumbling inside a fictional reality,
Has damned and saved me,

Stone me with crumbled statues,
If you must.
You just break me down,
To build yourselves up.

I’ve chosen not to practice
What you preach,
Because human callousness
Is not my truth-niche.

It occurs around my aura,
And occasionally,
Breaches my seas,
But my center radiates purity;
Yet unsullied by petty insults,
And tentacled reach.

I could slingshot petrified bleach;
But the rocks would boomerang
Back onto me,
And whiten my speech.

Multitudinous hues
Exact every clue
I’ll ever need
To take hold of my own hand,
And leap.


© Jane Bled

Egyptian is available for purchase on Artfinder. Feel free to get lost in Mo’s incredible gallery. It’s time well-spent.

Artist BioMo-Collab-Pic

May I introduce myself?

My name is Mo Tuncay. It’s in the small town of Denizli, Turkey, where my journey has started. As a boy I loved playing outside, watching the colours and figures of nature. Driven by curiosity and the need to live my life to the max, at 22 I left my family and went to Holland. After years of hard work and building a family of my own, I became closed-up and restless. I cannot tell you how excited I was, when I discoverd the art of painting! As if all my life-experiences wanted to be expressed at once. Still nowadays people love the energy and passion in my paintings and the way I colour my and their dreams. That’s why you can find my paintings all over the World, from US to Australia!

Take care
Mo Tuncay

Connect with Mo


Spring 2014 © Mo Tuncay





What you cannot tell with words, you can tell with your mind. — Mo Tuncay

Read more of Mo’s creative thoughts in his artist spotlight interview.

Thank you for your undivided attention. Until next time…