Benvenuto to another art + poetry post. 🙂 I appreciate your presence. Today’s artist-in-residence: the enchanting Bee Queen.

Dearest Bee…what to say about one of most talented artists I’ve discovered on Twitter? In public, she reveals precious little about herself  (I can’t even eek an artist bio out of her — it’s all good LOL); but her work grants visions of her brilliant mind.

Two years ago, I had planned to publish an artist spotlight interview with Bee; for unfortunate reasons, the project was delayed. We have since rekindled our acquaintance, and decided the updated interview will go live when our schedules permit. I’m bursting at the seams to share more of Bee’s artworks — for now, the following piece will have to do.

Without further adieu, I present her art + my poetry. Please enjoy.


Witness BeeQueen

© Jane Bled

Warning: the following poem contains ideologically sensitive material. Reader discretion is advised.


reluctant observer
(so you claim)
the stakes
never lower

paid in full
of pedagogues
purchased by
peevish priests
cavorting in
gypsy caravans
crucified carcasses
deveined by
deceptive deeds
and you own them
as slaves own
not even their
given names
you can’t choose
because master
gave you
one of his own

and all
you do
is watch
(the show)


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Under mutually consenting circumstances, one is certain to appreciate audience participation. 😉



Then the witch tied her fruit to a stick
When our coin was looking too thin
It’s like a winter in Hades, we drooled for the ladies
As if the apple was owned by God

— Lyrics by Brian Hugh Warner & Tyler Lee Bates; “Slave Only Dreams To Be King” (Marilyn Manson)

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