August 22, 2017

Poetry: “Wink”

Warning: strong language. Reader discretion is advised.

Note: the following poem is spoken word. Too bad WordPress charges an arm and a leg (all at once!) for their premium accounts, otherwise I’d be perform the poem and upload my audio. 😉


© Jane Bled


Flavors change,
Depending on the taste.
But lies blend in the base.
Bland from root to tip –
I’m sick of drinking piss.

Time to flip the scrip’,
Extinguish it.
Blaze on through the blips —
I exist not just to live.

Lay down the beat.
Mission status:

Yellow-bellies yip-yap
Put the cheddar in the trap
(Crap like that feeds the rats);
Pretty bratties blazin’ fatties’
To the soundtracked smacks.

Headless angels hardly harken
The sounds of hounds,
Bounding and barking.
Chickens are a’cluckin’ –
“Cheerio, Cherie!
Sing hallelujah to the g’s.”

Don’t give two soggy shits
‘Bout your low opinion of me
Don’t care how many Hershey’s kisses
Eek their way down from your cheeks.
Betty Boop,
I’m heavy-betting
That your infestation
Is spreading,
Like your long lanky legs
Wrapping ’round your lover’s face –
Luxurious lace
(A mouthful of Mace).

Girl, you better remember to pray
‘Cause if we ever meet face-to-face
I’ll make a case to erase
Your tepid trace.
My smile’s a pair of sewing scissors
Aiming straight for your mini-mister.
What a cutie, little sister!

Let’s duke it out like ladies.
You may be muthafuckin’ shady,
But you know you just can’t play me
Sticking to my guns
Like a wet paper towel;
Digging you down,
Bare hands,
No trowel,
Wipe excrement on towel –
Your sallow youth is fallow.

I wink at you again,
Just to prove I can.

Never enough bass. Pyromania, however…

Thank you for reading.