August 24, 2017

Poetry: “Deaf”

I only wrote one song for you
But it was my masterpiece

Past fast fantasy
And it’s difficult to think
Of any syllables to string
But I’m tied to these threadbare sheets
Unmoving in my grief
As denial gives way to doubt
And I have to face the fact
My bed feels better empty

As you fill the space
The bitter cold remains
I keep trying to bring
Our passion back
But diluted memories
Are all I have left
They leave me dreaming
Of our fractured past
I can’t remember
How to stop wanting
The lies that live my life
In the arms of a baleful entity
But you don’t hear
The warning in my thoughts
Even when I’m screaming
Your ears stay shut

So I shut you off.


“Deaf” © Jane Bled 2016-2017

A scent detected more than once. Possibilities abound. It could be anything: soap, body wash, perfume, bullshit…

I appreciate your continued interest in reading me.


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  1. Amazing love your poem


  2. This hits home! I can feel your words!

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