September 17, 2017

Poetry: “Forget”


But the glitter-strewn,
Liquid-nightmare sky
Held too many pitcherfuls
Of foul grief
To waste corroded,
Nascent dawn-tongue
On lynch mob camaraderie
(Not all cracks warrant deeper penetration).

The solar system’s pawn,
Strung along twinkling Christmas lights,
Would yet echo the pang of loss
In the felling of the knight;
Strategic word placements
Adding unintended pain
To the soul’s list of grievances
(If the noose repressed the teaming madness).

Adamantine regret,



© Jane Bled 2016-2017

All rights reserved.


What you want to see | Photo © Jane Bled

The statue featured above is my favorite from a hotel I stayed in during my recent trip to Italy.

Thank you for reading. May Sunday find you well.


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  1. I love this sky of yours…

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