September 20, 2017

Poetry: “Names”

Warning: the following poem contains strong language and sexual situations. Reader discretion is advised.



© Jane Bled 2017
All Rights Reserved


Orthographe —
Do you love me to loathe me
Through sodomy?
When she crowns you
Cocky king of cock rings
Or queer queen of thots
I say lovefools
Slice their steak
Against the grain
(Those fucking sluts)

Not for me to decide
If she tastes mighty fine
Crisscross the cost
The cause will unbind
Ringer tan line
Rigged trigger rewind
It figures in rhyme

Bent backwards-reverse
To catch the stream-steam
A smidgen inched out
Of a tipsy stout spout
Slo-mo dribbled down
My darkside’s deep south

I’m sore he didn’t
Have at it some more
With that silver spoon for a tongue
Forked into the pork
I would’ve knifed
For a poke
Hammered Blow Job shots
With this bloke
Pound for flesh-pound
Fountain-youth found
Enforced without force
Soulfully drowned
In a kiss-fuck-me


© Jane Bled 2016-2017
All Rights Reserved.