September 21, 2017

Poetry Reading: “Trespass”

Note: if you prefer reading to listening, I’ve posted the words below the audio.

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I can take your time tonight.

Beneath scarlet shades
Of tasseled smoke;
Past curtains of crowned pearls,
Nestled against threshed-grain curls,
Spattered in sanguine sentiments,
Curves call greeting to
Impertinence —
Loosening lilted tongues
Tied to sundress straps —
Benjamins folded
Between flushed breaths;
Inbound air crackling
With static untapped
Under sultry suspense.

Too costly to stop it —
Forget-me-not flowers
Hide in heart-shaped lockets.
Late hours stiffen:
Clock hands harden,
Slipping as syringes
Into swollen skin pockets,
Infiltrating curdled-snow veins
Keeping candied apples cold,
Plunging the pick-me-up —
To have and to hold.
Sparking inner ignition,
Id’s denying intervention.

Humid palm fronds fawn
To urge the trespass
Of strawberry blonde…

If you leave the light on.



Trails | © Photo by Nobi-Wan Kenobi

Please knock before entering, as I could be otherwise engaged. 😉

Special thanks to my husband for supplying the visual. Kuchizuke, baby.

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