September 26, 2017

Poetry Reading: “Gadflies”

Warning: the following poem contains idealogically-sensitive material. Reader discretion is advised.

© Jane Bled 2016-2017
All Rights Reserved

Plastic bag spooks spiral in
Circuitous patterns,
As fusty swirls of air
Turn down cocked collars
Chilled from soaped-up
Spine-tingling reach-arounds.

In lieu of controlling
God’s self-appointed righthand men
Bid choirboys to inflate collection baskets;
Hawk indulgences to ignorant holy folk
To guarantee the preferred victor
In political corruption.

Sing-song children
With crusted-over
Cereal-box grins
Embellish fanfaronade
With carnivorous wit.
Laconic zealots
Compose hellish propaganda
In queues that wind
Halfway down the block.
Half-measures arise
Under the guise
Of noble cause —
“For the greater good,”
“The lesser of two evils” —
And rampant biblioclasms
Produce sterile euphemisms for orgasms.

The once-private public arena
Becomes an international hunting ground,
As sportsmanship has never been
The strong suit
Of opprobrious parrots
Who drop trow from soapboxes,
Pray to the gospel of casuistry;
Sacrifice virgins to gadflies.

Spare your pandering praise for them.