September 26, 2017

Poetry Reading: “Rind”


© Jane Bled 2016-2017

All Rights Reserved.

‘Veni vidi vici’
The bluejay tweeted me.
You watch me watching her –
Father pours the tea.

Sugar lumps,
Uglies bump
(Don’t say you didn’t like it);
When you fight red-bellied spiders,
Their eyes eke tear-detritus.

Dust and dirt left in the lurch
Of all you never were;
Taken me to Hell and back,
Yet still I beg for more.

You hate that I don’t mind.
You love the killing kind.
Can’t say that I’m still blind –
I spin your web
And eat the rind.

The exterior’s tough,
The interior’s bitter.
Did you think I’d given up?
Told you, baby —
I’m no quitter.



Ella | © Jane Bled