September 27, 2017

Poetry Reading: “Opacus”


© Jane Bled 2016-2017

All Rights Reserved.

I try to resist
The recollection
Of hypnagogic eyes
That drug me deeper
Than wakeless sleep.

In my dreams,
I come clean,
Freed from shy desire —
Gladly unwholesome.

Soul-stricken vixen fidgets
With internecine kisses.
She gnaws at skin-holes
Of moth-eaten memories,
As apricity nibbles
Upon flawed frozen flesh.

I offered you the balm
Of her cooling lips…
But wild laughter arose,
And thirst starved without bliss,
As she and I upheld
A tristful synthesis.

Tell me there isn’t more than this,
So that I may ambulate
Towards a frabjous fate:
The place where I’ll forget
To behold your face
Before I wake.
Tell me you only craved the chase.

I’d let her drown in desperation,
But I’m loath to waste
Her borrowed thoughts
For naught.

So I curse the ruse
Used as a noose,
And pretend I’m not
In love with you.
Opacus words:
Hard acts to follow;
And all that’s left for me,
Is sorrow.


Dying_day - Copy

Deathday | Photo © Jane Bled