September 30, 2017

Poetry Reading: “Sealed”

© Jane Bled 2016 – 2017
All Rights Reserved.

I am next to you.

My eyes caress the form
I memorized long before
You orbited these celestial waters…

Or were you always there,
Forging our swords
As orange-blue armory;
A poker-hot valance
To brandish in tantric collision?

No horses to ride,
But their hooves rumble
Distant thunder —
Closer than your breath —
As hearts beat
Love we made
To fill our mason jar
Of hand-sealed dreams.

Under pressure of scandalous scrutiny,
You’ve revealed yourself to me,
And I need more.



Shielded | Photo © Jane Bled

How slow life seems to me
How violent the hope of love can be

– Guillaume Apollinaire, “Mirabeau Bridge”

She is so softly cruel in her drugging embrace. I cannot bear to leave her side for too long, else my colors rust.

Tonight, I’ll dream of monarchs (butterflies). My son and I witnessed one’s first flight earlier this afternoon during our library visit. I treasure these touching moments; tiny in the wellspring of memories, nonetheless miraculous reminders of precious life.

Merci beaucoup.


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