Warning: strong language, sexual situations, mentions of violence. Reader discretion is advised.


“Impetuous Cult (Leader of One)”

© Jane Bled 2017

All Rights Reserved. 

How’s about a vein to suck

Before the IV’d hag collapses

Didn’t even get to pop the question

Or bubble-wrap pre-packaged flesh yet

Guess that makes me the helpless hapless runty runner-up

But I’ll ovulate right here, right now

X marks the sweetest spot

If you can make me give a good hot second quick-start fuck


Insert random words like feet into mouths

The louder you hound, the lesser you sound

The deeper I drown, the beeper creeper laughs aloud

Lost in a crowd, prowling ’round Poletown

Sideshow clowns

Free to scavenge, maiden-ravage

Adopt the old adage

Another trip to the pound

Judge set bail, bar(re) too high

Out-of-pocket, out-of-bounds


Are Yosemite bears more dangerous than Alaskans

Did her blind date wear a rubber when she asked him

I couldn’t be more derivative if you tried

Hunched over my haunches, over-hyped

Staunchly puffing on the peace pipe

Scat-shooing away some bedwetting mime

Turning headcheese into beef tripe


No, I don’t want to call him yet

He still sleepwalks through decapitation

Hella guilty of pretense annihilation

And I’m already dead



Hey, I didn’t recognize you without the hat © Jane Bled




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