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Do not enter
This derelict construction site,
A haunted hallway cluttered with
The latest gadgets
Designed to improve
The quality of life
By purifying noxious air particles,
And masking frayed connections.

From prolonging
Silent-cry sufferings
Limned in photoshopped brushstrokes
Of happier times.
Cropped shots conceal
Chipped nails
Ragged cuticles;
Teeth marks in tattered forevers.

Beating the dying horse
Covered by moth-eaten blankets
Fashioned from
The instruction manual’s ripped pages.
Erstwhile earnest expressions
Exclaimed in maximum-security terminals
Lack the sincerity
Of a lifetime in reality’s solitary cell.

Get out —
Before the prison collapses,
And buries you alive.


Proibita - Copy

Forbidden © Jane Bled

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Human. Happy in my solitude. Free of expectations. Awakening. Light side: love, peace, art. Dark side: ****** I despise the word 'follower'. It calls to mind lemmings, sheep, cults, etc. Here to exhibit my art -- not aiming to gain a flock of seagulls that mournfully cry out my name as they fail to reach me.


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