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All Rights Reserved.

Call me out.

For all the times
I refused to believe you,
Punish me
With bruising kisses.

For all the times
I bit down until you bled,
Nuzzle my muzzled mouth.

For all the times
I tore apart your tenderness,
Retrieve the pieces —
Show me where you stashed the tape.

For all the times
I spurned your affection,
Remind me
Of the love notes I wrote
For your eyes only.

Call me out,
Or walk away.
Please don’t linger
In the empty space.

I’m still ashamed,
But not of you.



Smile © Jane Bled

In all its beautiful, candle-lit galaxies,
Crowded with glass-clinking revelers,
The Cosmos was Laughing with
Lasting Love and Light

— Kate Farrell, “The Double Bubble of Infinity”

A panacea of song, in love remains
The memory perched upon refrain,
Of tongues that smite no earthly bane,
But hold in check
The truth that reigns.

The above epitaph is untitled; I wrote it on the fly as I was editing this post. How easily the words flow when imbued with deeper meaning! I write a little something every day, to freshen my authenticity, akin to watering Mary’s secret garden. Wick, says Dickon. And we all know what that rhymes with…nope, can’t resist adding the element of surprise. Oddly, I’m unashamed.

Thank you for returning.


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  1. Fucking love! Can i say fucking here? Fucking love!!!!! 😉



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