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Call me out.

For all the times
I refused to believe you,
Punish me
With bruising kisses.

For all the times
I bit down until you bled,
Nuzzle my muzzled mouth.

For all the times
I tore apart your tenderness,
Retrieve the pieces —
Show me where you stashed the tape.

For all the times
I spurned your affection,
Remind me
Of the love notes I wrote
For your eyes only.

Call me out,
Or walk away.
Please don’t linger
In the empty space.

I’m still ashamed,
But not of you.



Smile © Jane Bled

In all its beautiful, candle-lit galaxies,
Crowded with glass-clinking revelers,
The Cosmos was Laughing with
Lasting Love and Light

— Kate Farrell, “The Double Bubble of Infinity”

A panacea of song, in love remains
The memory perched upon refrain,
Of tongues that smite no earthly bane,
But hold in check
The truth that reigns.

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