October 16, 2017

Poetry Reading: “Pact”

© Jane Bled 2016-2017
All Rights Reserved.

Beyond the boneyards,
Our corpses procreate.
Tattered flesh unwinds;
Slinks inside —
Thrumming strings,
Strumming time.
You want to place
Your hand in mine.

We were never so bold
As the rogue evening when
Shadows cast cold-air breaths
Across the depths,
And we drowned in their dregs.
Drunk all, our lust —
No droplets left
To tingle across
The throat’s abandoned track;
Yet piece by piece,
We remained intact.

How or why?
By living lies.

God can’t pronounce
The numeral-names
Of His errant flock.
The maw of Hell
Yawns wide
Its jaws.
Pause means stop.
Don’t jump!
Look up.

You wield the claws;
I’ll write the clause —
Addendum for them,
The faceless men,
Faded within the lost cause.
To even the score,
Angels bathe in our gore:
“Let the blood-rain pour.”

Unlock the door;
We’ll forge a fort.

Spineless ghosts,



Dante | Photo © Jane Bled

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