October 18, 2017

Art + Poetry: “Circles”

Did you wager
She could take it
All in
Without short-circuiting?

Did you presume
Fairy rings
In crop circles?

Did you think
Little green men
Would shine spotlights
Before casting a net?

Guess again.

© Jane Bled 2016-2017
All Rights Reserved.

Nothing Gonna Hurt You © Bee Queen

Many heartfelt thanks to Bee Queen for allowing me generous use of her glorious art. Bee never fails to inspire my awe. Much love, Bee. ❤

Artist Spotlight: Bee Queen

Art + Poetry: “Auction”

Artist Bio


Bee Queen

Bee Queen, born in 1982 in Ankara, Turkey, is a single mom working in finance. She loves music, goth culture, creativity, reading, yoga meditation…and art, of course. =) Recently, she moved to a small town to avoid big city life. She loves to be in nature and stay busy with all types of animals and pets to keep her company.

Connect with Bee



Nobody’s watching
Drowning in words so sweet
Mild is the water
Caught as a bird once free

-Billie Marten, “Bird”

Thank you for paying a visit.


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